Thursday, 30 January 2014

Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings

Here we go again!

There was a cassette mini-album and then this was his first single but I've just realised that the debut album was released this week on Trouble in Mind Records! He's come out of that super-saturated-tape culture that I've never been too impressed by, but his music seems far more focused.

Check out the patch as well...oh mamma 
Oliver Hibert does it again

The Boss Mustangs - Turn On

Long time listeners to the Radio Show know that I absolutely love this band. I stumbled across them years ago while searching for rockers from my beloved Detroit. I couldn't find live footage of them that was anything less than brilliant. Back then they were a 5 piece, and they put out their album in 2011. This new video is of the opening track.

They have that Rock'n'Roll that swings-thing which Detroit bands seem to specialise in. Also they really know their rare records and have mixed Garage, Psych, Rockabilly, Freakbeat...all sorts of seams into their sound.
I have a feeling that they are a hard-working band which rarely has any money behind it. So if you liked that track send 'em some dollars! 
That's the album, available here
and/or go see 'em. They always seem to be playing out.
Current dates so far-
FEBRUARY 21 - The Blind Pig (ann arbor, mi)
FEBRUARY 22 - Bemo's (bay city, mi)
FEBRUARY 28 - Small's (hamtramck, mi)
MARCH 7 - Tip Top Deluxe (grand rapids, mi)
MARCH 28 - 411 Club (kalamazoo, mi)
MARCH 29 - Rubble's (mount pleasant, mi)
APRIL 11 - Woodruff's (ypsilanti, mi) FUZZ FEST
APRIL 19 - Mulligan's Pub (grand rapids, mi)
MAY 1 - The Pyramid Scheme (grand rapids, mi) w/SUPERSUCKERS

and, if you'll excuse me, some badass footage of the 5 piece

Bloody Hammers - Fear No Evil...What's Haunting You...

Well you all know we like trippy, occulty videos here, so this one went down a treat

but then I noticed the great song buried therein. Seems I am a bit late to this party as they have albums out already on SoulSeller Records! This track seems to be from their first self-titled album, and they released a second late last year - 'Spiritual Relics'.
So I wondered if that one was any good...

Oh yes!
Here's where you can get it
They've now signed to Napalm Records and it looks like a Euro-tour is on the tarot cards!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Death - 4th Movement - Rough Francis

It seems to have become trendy to pan this band lately. So just before we start check this out...

...and then shut the fuck up.
Anyway, I checked out the film/documentary. It's well worth seeing, tells the story (which I won't spoil here) well, but there is something odd. When I first heard this band my immediate reaction was 'what a rhythm section' and that's why I just posted 'Politicians...' cos those two guys (Bobby and Dannis) are absolutely smoking on it!
This seems to be down-played as the doc focuses more on David Hackney (gtr), and his mystic/spiritual reactions following their fathers death. Understandable for the story...but musically? Following on from that I wasn't aware of their reincarnation as a christian rock band. Jeez, they really made it hard for themselves: first incarnation had a name that no record company could handle at the time; second incarnation is christian at a time when rock music was having very serious problems with christian fundamentalists! BUT 4th Movement was fantastic! Again, check out the engine room in what is quite clearly the second Death album in all but title- 

0:36!!! or try this-

Brilliant stuff. There's almost a southern rock feel at times. and 2:13 onwards...Heck, if they'd used occult lyrics they'd have been up there with Pentagram etc in the cult rock band world. Anyway, doesn't some label need to re-issue this album?
Rough Francis (the band set up by some of their children) has their debut album 'Maximum Soul Power' coming out soon on Riothouse Records soon so fingers crossed :-)

Paul Fisher - Hide and Seek

I have only heard two songs by this guy. The first was from 10 years ago, and I played it in my show last week. I have just found this from his latest album, and it is equally superb!

He really has a way with a tune doesn't he? and a strangely uplifting song given it's subject matter.
The album is called 'Made in Gateshead' 
and for everything else you need to know head here-

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Short Film - Beauty - Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Well I have just been transfixed for the last 9 minutes. Old masters brought to life. Incredible power, and far more than just Beauty. I'd say Rino Stefano Tagliafierro and his team are going to receive a lot of commissions after this...

...everything is here, and yet it is curiously relaxing as well.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

David Altair - Exploration of Time

This rather wonderful album emanates from one of the folk I was introduced to by the Beauty of Washing Lines. I first came across his work on their incredible album 'Shropshire Lad and Lass' which I have already raved about here and in my shows at GREAT length. This album is more about time, (inner)space and the (parent)stars, so slightly more kosmische, but still with that grounded 'heft' that I expect from these artists. I particularly enjoyed 'Have you seen...' into 'Tzolkin', and also 'This is the way...'

Art - Kev Munday - The Way I See Things

First met this guy at a childrens festival day last year. The gallery walls had huge (I mean VAST)sheets of paper stretched across them, and then he popped up one or two of his creations to start people off with drawing their own things, or just doing whatever the heck they felt like. The idea is it's a lovely thing for parents to do with their kids - a shared period of creativity. However, reasonably quickly the space took on it's own gravitational pull and EVERYONE was coming in to the Centre to draw something whether or not they had kids! And the staff and volunteers could just not stay away it was all so exciting! Someone found a sketch on the floor that someone had made of me, and I'd only popped in with a tray of teas!
Anyway, the point is that this unassuming chap generates energy with his work, as you're about to see...
vintage organ pipes which were sold at Sothebys I believe 
Stairway to Heaven 
and I haven't even got to his paintings, prints and stunning guitar and violin creations! He just seems to wander through the land making it a better place. And when you look at his work, there are generally a load of characters looking back out at you.
Anyway the show is in the Gallery at The West End Centre Aldershot 3-28th February. It's free, there's a bar in the evenings, etc...
Now here's the jawdropper for me - I only met this chap for a few minutes during that fabled day. After the event he went home and the following day he sent in a picture giving his impression of the Centre and what it achieves. Here it is. Look very closely...can you see... the right of the sewing machine it's ME!

Art - Funns & Kazland - how nice of you to ask

This show continues to run until the end of the month. In Aldershot! For those who have been to The West End Centre - these two are the geniuses that converted the 'stonehenge' furniture into a timberhenge of multi-dimensional wonderlands and dribbles; suns and smiles...I can't really do their shows justice in writing other than to say it usually appears as though the Jabberwocky has swept through the space! Luckily I have found a promo for a previous show which gives a fair indication of what has happened at The Westie

Collectors be aware - the work is selling!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Immortal Bird - tour dates + debut EP

This is another superb band bolstering my theory that ladies in extreme music have been vastly improving same! "A Lady" you cry? Yep here's their drummer/singer- 
meet Rae Amitay!
and in case you think I am talking rubbish check this fantastic EP out. Available on Closed Casket Recordings- 

they also have an early gig at Reggies Rock Club, Chicago IL 26th Jan 2014

Mujercitas Terror - Excavaciones

Excellent band who have their own sound - originality forged from some superb influences. We rather love what they get up to on the show...

This is the title track from their second album. I think you need to contact them directly to purchase their records. They are in Argentina but their website (which is quite a creation in itself) is here
and Daniela's hair is wonderful as well!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Locrian - A Visitation From the Wrath of Heaven + live dates

Another inscrutable video from Locrian

This was supposed to be inspired in part by their love of Genesis, Yes & King Crimson, but I've yet to fathom that. However the vinyl release on Relapse is a beauty- 
Here's another vid from the latest opus - works very well on full screen- 

Live dates-
Apr 10 Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival
Apr 11 Brussels BE IBM @ AB club
Apr 12 Karlsruhe DE Dude Fest

The Socks - Some Kind Of Sorcery

Gallic Garage Desertness forthcoming on March 18th through the always excellent Small Stone Record label-

this is all I have so far :-) 

Cass McCombs - Brighter! featuring Karen Black

Anything with Karen Black in it WILL be posted on this blog. Powerhouse actress, incredible singer and with one of the most amazing faces ever. Thusly-
"Directed, shot and edited by Stephen Eckelberry" who was Karen's husband (she died last August).
Her filmography is astounding but this little-seen gem is one of my favourites. Henry Jaglom made it because he was in love with Karen - so the whole film is a loveletter to her. And he knew she was a beautiful singer so he really let her go for it. Wonderful...

A Day To Remember - Right Back At It Again + Euro Tour

Hilarious Video

I take it that I don't have to tell you that their album 'Common Courtesy' is out now on Victory Records? I thought not...
And the tour? 
They seem to put on quite a show ;-) 

Obliterations - The Hole + gigs

They have a new 4 song 7" inch EP out this week as part of the Volcom Ent. Vinyl Club. It is superb...4th track in particular. It looks this good
and it sounds this great

they have just signed to Southern Lord for an album in the Spring.
Coupla gigs as well
5th March - Aladin Jr, Pomona CA
6th March - E. 7th Street Warehouse, LA CA
support on both is The Body who have already featured here.

Primitive Man - Tour

Black Sludge hittin' the road in March
As I have yet to play them in the show, and in case you're wondering what Black Sludge sounds like...

The album is out on Relapse Records...

Pet Slimmers of the Year - Days Since I Disappeared

Peterborough p*st r*ck trio, just signed to Candlelight Records, and with a curious vid...

Moonbow - The End of Time

Where did the siren go!?

oh with him...
They've signed with Cobraside so the debut album has been re-issued on all formats this week. Positioned rather well between Trouble and Kyuss (John Garcia guests) methinks.
They have a hometown gig at Spillway Bar & Grill, Bowling Green Kentucky on 25th January with Opossum Holler.

ASG & Anciients - Euro Tour Dates

Mastodon - Call of the Mastodon

Relapse Records are doing a ltd edition vinyl re-issue including a digital download of the full album but being pressed on three color variations including red, clear with gold and blue splatter, and blue and gold merge. Check them OUT!

out Feb 14th 

Sofy Major vs Hurricane Sandy - (documentary)

I was raving about their 'Idolize' album last year, but had no idea of what happened around the recordings. Even before the hurricane destroyed the studios, they had to negotiate a heavily masturbating hostel manager. It was that sort of trip.

The Brooklyn hardcore/DIY scene gets them through the worst of it, before they tour the NW and the South. Interesting observations about a working band. Their album is excellent and has been featured in my show - think NoMeansNo, Unsane, Amphetamine Reptile...a golden era...
out on Solar Flare Records and recommended-

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Film - Mondo Cane (1962)

The original 'Mondo' shockumentary. Considers the variety and lunacy of the human animal via all manner of shocking, exotic, violent, sad, hilarious, pitiful, fatal, vicious etc etc (this is an in-joke you will get if you watch it) scenes. Some are real and some are set-ups. There is a colossal amount of animal killing/cruelty so be warned. Quite a few people die as well. Superb filming, sequencing, editing and scoring make this a cracking film as it moves from, say: bikini dumbness to Bikini Atoll and heartbreaking scenes of the effects of radiation poisoning in the animals; or from the grim reaper to alcoholics and prostitutes on the Reeperbahn. You have to see this with the original Italian narrator as his camp asides and venomous jokes are really funny, but every now and then you get a sober meditation on, say, death or faith that is brilliantly well written. Highlights for me were the self-flagellants who inadvertently looked like Hitler impersonators wearing turf for hats! And the tropical island chief with a thing for very large ladies, many many very large ladies, with all of whom he had knocked out goodness knows how many children...oh the joy when you finally get to see him.

Orbweaver // Shroud Eater Tour Dates - Feb/March 2014

be prepared for plenty of this...

I like that Orbweaver don't have a singer, or a vocalist, but a narrator!
Tape heads need to head (ha ha) to Primitive Violence -

Watertank - How Fast

One I missed last year with a most amusing vid - well edited by Thomas B.

the album was released last Spring! On Solar Flare Records...
and they seem to be playing the French Hellfest 22nd June 2014 at Clisson.

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 13th January 2014

Axis:Sova - Grading On A Curve

Really great video by Jeremiah Chiu for a very Kosmische single

another winner from Richie Records/TestosterTunes!

Mordecai - Dead Head

Some fucked up shit from "the most charismatically tuneful knuckle-draggers in Butte; quite possibly in all of Montana."
The album, College Rock, kept me hooked right the way through. There's something of The Blue Orchids tunefulness, and American Psych hipnosis about this lot. Out on Richie Records/Testostertunes. 
UPDATE they are playing some dates (with some amazing other bands) -
May 20
@ The Hexagon
w/ Ex-Cocaine
May 21
@ The Owl
w/ Axis:Sova
May 22
@ Cafe Bourbon St
w/ The Bugmen and Degreaser
May 23
Now That’s Class (horrible fest)
w/ Homostupids, Unholy 2, and Counter Intuits
May 24
@ PhilaMOCA
w/ Watery Love and Over Medium
May 25
New York City
Union Pool
w/ Endless Boogie and TBA
May 27
@ a house somewhere
w/ Yi
and there's a new album coming out 28th May on Richie Records/Testostertunes again 'Neil's Generator' here's a track from it (that's Robert Quine's actual guitar by the way) -

Bitch Witch - Too Old Too Punk

I absolutely caned their first EP in my Radio Show. They have this curious sound which is sort of based in anarcho-punk but with vocals that are more Riot Girl. However, there is also a serious dose of Occult/DOOM/Wichery in the mix as well. It's a great combination. Anyway they have just UL'd a new EP

and here they are 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Film - Mondo Hollywood (1967)

...and Bobby Beausoleil is the kid with the bow and arrow in this fascinating look at the mediocrity that is, or homes in on, big money. The LA hubris has become a blueprint for cities all over the world since this groundbreaking documentary was made in the mid-sixties. As always, this was a closed scene which turned in on itself...there are Manson acolytes and victims peppered throughout the film. "The body thing is so big." Any real talent isn't apparent, just journalists, businessmen and other limpets commenting on, and clinging to, the celebrity. Prophetic, I mean just look at the scene where the royals are next to, the far more handsome, beautiful (and talented!), Paul Newman and Julie Andrews. The end-credits are superb...

and so to the grossly misleading poster (more on this in the next post - can you guess what comes next? It's dead simple)


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Short Film - Kenneth Anger - Lucifer Rising (1972)

You'll hear a lot of b*ll*cks spoken about this. It contains masses (ha ha) of symbolism about Lucifer as the bringer of light, the rebellious spirit etc. What you actually get is a cracking half hour prog-rock/krautrock/euro-rock/kosmische suite composed by Bobby Beausoleil from inside Oregon State Pen where he's serving life imprisonment for a Charles Manson related murder! Beausoleil's the Lucifer in this film with dark curly hair. Anger got about half an hour of footage of him before he, presciently, decided Bobby was acting like he had a demon in him! The film itself is like the ultimate prog-rock (gatefold) album sleeve come to life. It really is that good, and has been a massive influence on...well if you watch it you'll's quite a list! The cast also includes Donald Cammell (Performance), his beautiful muse Myriam Gibril, Chris Jagger and Marianne Faithful (Mick chickened out, a little shabby given that Anger provided the inspiration for 'Sympathy...')


Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies - album presentation - Earth Air Spirit Water Fire

I haven't heard the album yet but something about a track I heard caught my ear. Found this and the presence of 2 drummers, 2 bass, 4 guitars, keys, 2 vocs and violin +3 screens had me intrigued as well. There isn't much to see so I just put it on to listen to and BAM! Ummagumma, Clearlight, Grobschnitt, Hawklords, Ange, Nektar...the piece is 32mins's eurorock and if you remember what that is - this is essential listening!

The album is called 'Earth Air Spirit Water Fire' and is out on Ván Records.

EyeHateGod - First Tour Dates for 2014 (updated - Australian dates cancelled)

UPDATE - Australian dates cancelled - "Due to poor planning by the Australian booking agent, EYEHATEGOD are sorry to say our Australian tour is now cancelled. We were left at the airport without our flights booked and then were expected to pay for them out of pocket an hour before boarding time. We were literally left standing with passports in hand but no way to travel. Many, many apologies to our Australian friends and fans. We will be back as soon as we can. Please understand this is not our fault. EYEHATEGOD loves Australia and were super excited to come back over."

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The People's Temple - Limit To Your Love (Live)

I have been playing this band in my shows for years so I'm astonished to see how young they are! Anyway this is some nice live footage. Equipment malfunctions actually add to the bite. Nice wallpaper as well.
They comprise two sets of brothers and two different songwriters which gives them a great spread of sounds. Their current album is 'More for the Masses' on HoZac Records and is a doozy but I've just noticed a single out on Trouble in Mind Records, which I missed last year-

and that's the B-side!

CHTHONIC - Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace

Hey, to be in this band you have to be able to fly, time-travel and massacre an elaborate military alliance between Nazi Germany and the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) regime.

It's certainly a step up from playing the 'Pig & Testicle' in 'Shitshire'. And Doris surely has the best bass ever - it's got lights in it...
Harumph, anyway they have a new DVD 'Ián-Bú' coming out on Eagle Records 25.02.14. It's a full performance in their home, Taiwan, + all the vids from the 'Bu-Tik' album from last year + a ton of bonus features.
Here they are from a while back pulling off their fusion brilliantly

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 6th January 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nath Family - Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Vol 2

I cannot remember who I was trying to describe this too, so I just thought I'd post it! It's the Premtal (drum)...
It's all explained here - and you can listen to the incredible recordings and then buy them :-)

Short Film - Atman - Toshio Matsumoto (1975)

Mesmerising. Stills become animate...
again a recommend from Pump Ington Fartleschuff.
Credit to Toshi Ichiyanagi (Yoko Ono's first husband I believe) for the music as well.

Ajenda - Tattoo

Stumbling across this band was one of the highlights of last year for me. They just write GREAT songs. Check out the torrent of hooks in this one...

Their album is called 'Unrecognizable' and I counted 6 hit singles on it (if they had the maketing clout of the mainstream)
Couple of gigs with more tbc
1st Feb WINTERFEST, Wakefield with Bonafide, I AM I, Massive Wagons & more
15th Feb AJENDA support The Quireboys 'Unplugged and Upfront' at the Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill

Pontiak - Lack Lustre Rush + Heat Leisure film

This video's all-white
The album 'Innocence' is out 21.01.14, on Thrill Jockey Records, and they are touring-
Pontiak April & May Tour:
Tue April 8th - Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
Wed April 9th - Ravenna, Italy - Bronson
Thu April 10th - Rome, Italy - Circolo Degli Artisti
Fri April 11th - Conegliano (TV), Italy - Apartmanto Hoffman
Sat April 12th - Torino, Italy - Spazio 211
Sun April 13th - Brescia, Italy - Latteria Molloy
Mon April 17th - Brno, Czech Republic - Boro
Sat April 19th - Breclav, Czech Republic - Piksla
Sun April 20th - Linz, Austria - Kapu
Mon April 21st - Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic - Mumie
Wed April 23rd - Leipzig, Germany - UT Connewitz
Thu April 24th - Schorndorf, Germany - Club Manufaktur
Fri April 25th - Koln, Germany - Privat
      Sat April 26th Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
Sun April 27th - Krefeld, Germany - Kulturrampe
Tue April 29th - London, UK - Corsica Studios w/ Man Forever, Kogumaza - tickets
    Wed April 30th - Brighton, UK - Green Door Store - tickets
      Thu May 1st - Plymouth, UK - TBC
Fri May 2nd - Bristol, UK - The Exchange w/ Kogumaza - tickets      
      Sun May 4th - Cardiff, UK - Clwb Ifor Bach
      Mon May 5th - Falmouth, UK - Beerwolf
      Tue May 6th - Ramsgate, UK - Music Hall - tickets
      Wed May 7th - Liege, Belgium - La Zone
      Thu May 8th - Utrecht, Netherlands - DB's
      Fri May 9th - Lille, France - La Malterie
          Sat May 10th - Reims, France - L'Appart Cafe
      Sun May 11th - Besancon, France - Le Passengers De Zinc
They also did this which puts me in mind of the Live at Pompeii film for some reason... 

Short Film - Toshio Matsumoto - Everything visible is empty (1975)

Put this on full screen; sit quite close to the screen and you'll start hallucinating to this baby. An awesome ride...

my thanks to, a person I only know as, Pump Ington Fartleschuff for this one

Monday, 6 January 2014

Les Big Byrd - Tinitus Ætérnum

Good tune but I'm posting this because we like a good trippy vid here, and this one is an absolute brain-fryer! Put on full screen and marvel

I think the people responsible are at

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Their/They're/There - New Blood

Really good song, and a rather startling video with seems to equate lawyers with bloodless bloodsucking? Surely not...

It's from their new 'Analog Weekend' EP
Polyvinyl Records - CD/Tape/LP (blue vinyl with etched B-side)
Topshelf Records - CD/LP (limited edition forest green LP with etched B-side)
So, ready? 

of Montreal - Fugitive Air (Unrated Version)

Cracking song and really good vid until somebody breaks out his dangly bits! Why do they do it...

It's the first track from the album 'Lousy with Sylvianbriar' out now on Polyvinyl Records and that means beautiful vinyl
It's available in all formats but I mean...come on!
They're also in the midst of a massive world tour. Too many dates to post but here's the link + you can buy the album and 'bundles' there also.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Cannibals - City of People 1988 (French TV)

Tip-top garage scuzz

They played the Dirty Water Club 13th December 2013 and I neglected to tell you :-( so this bitta genius will have to do

The Fauns - Fragile (Clint Mansell Mix) + Lights + Tour Dates

Well this is just BEAUTIFUL. Put it on full screen
aided by some kickstarter funding they are touring Europe for the next two months 
and if you can't read that-
European Shelter Tour Alcest/Hexvessel/The Fauns
  17/01/14 Austria - Vienna Szene
18/01/14 Germany - München Backstage Halle
19/01/14 Switzerland - Lucerne Schüür...

21/01/14 Germany - Köln Gebäude 9
22/01/14 Germany - Berlin Lido
23/01/14 Poland - Warszawa Klub Hydrozagadka
24/01/14 Lithuania - Vilnius New York Club
25/01/14 Finland - Helsinki Korjaamo
26/01/14 Finland - Tampere Klubi
28/01/14 Norway - Oslo John Dee
29/01/14 Sweden - Stockholm Debaser Ballroom
30/01/14 Denmark - Copenhagen BETA
31/01/14 Netherlands - Arnhem Luxor Live
01/02/14 United Kingdom - London Islington Assembly Hall
02/02/14 France - Paris Divan Du Monde
04/02/14 Portugal - Porto Hard Club
05/02/14 Spain - Madrid Joy Eslava
06/02/14 Spain - Barcelona Apolo
07/02/14 France - Luynes Le Korigan
08/02/14 Italy - Brescia Circolo Colony
Right, time for one more bliss-out. This is the title track from the new album, out on Invada Records 

Empty Pools - Slack Tide - Francesca Adams

They really have upped the anti on the new material. Killer songs with elements that seem to hang around for a few seconds more than they should be able to. But they ARE able to! They always put me in mind of firehose , without actually sounding like that band. Comes with added great animation!

Well done Francesca Adams who also did these (there should be links to all of them in the playlist)

Oh and the track is from Empty Pools' album 'Saturn Reruns' released last year on Battle Worldwide Recordings
and they have a gig 18.02.14 at Birthdays in London supporting Speedy Ortiz

Falling Stacks - White Wild Hair

A video with the 'wow' factor

Well done Hankin Films.
The track is from Falling Stacks' 'Dogo Argentino' EP on Battle Worldwide Recordings

Death Pedals - APONE

We like this band. They've been played on the show. They're one of the kick-and-rush punky bands but their songs are packed with hooks. I mean listen-

Marvellous. Their album 'The Carvery' was released last month, and you can get it from them via Bandcamp or vinyl versions from Triplejump Records or Sonic Anhedonic Recording Company.
They are also playing at The Windmill, Brixton, London on 24th January with Bad Guys, Henry Blacker and Jotnarr! That is going to be INCREDIBLE

O - When Plants Turn Into Stones + album & tour deets

Some p*st-r*ck that is actually good and rather beautiful

Update - they are touring-
Update - new album 'When Plants Turn Into Stones' is to be released June 6th on Golden Antenna Records + ltd edition vinyl with printed inner sleeve and DL codes
Update - epic video hoves into sight -

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Retreat!

It should be apparent by now that I'm a complete sucker for good animation so this one's a shoe-in. Note also the curious arrangement by the Dap-Kings

This was the first single from the album 'Give The People What They Want', which comes out on Daptone Records on the 13.01.14 and features more curious arrangements. I'll be playing more in the shows.
Oh and check this out-
"In homage to the LPs we so dearly love from the Golden Age of Soul Music, we are proud to offer an alternate Mono Mix. This version is limited to 2,000 copies and not available in BLUE WAX - but what you lack in color you will surely make up for in transistor radio compatibility!

As a special treat to our beloved analog community, we are offering a 45 featuring two hit songs from said LP, that will ship IMMEDIATELY on specified vinyl preorders. That’s right, get your preorder in today and be the first one on the block to have two brand new tracks from Sharon and Co."

De Lux - Better At Making Time

Poor fella, but he's not wrong this is incredibly catchy. Pitched somewhere between Peter Bjorn and John and Talking Heads? Bitta Eno in there as well?

It's a free ep on Scion AV for now!

Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) - Step Masters

Some serious gangsta shit going down here

Their album 'Lord Steppington' is out 21.01.14 on Rhymesayers Entertainment!

Rosamaria Montalbano - Locrian - Two Moons

Just a gorgeous video. Put on full screen for a total bliss-out
directed by Rosamaria Montalbano. So I had a hunt around and lo and behold-

Well that was beautiful!

Revocation - Fracked

Revocation make their position, on this contentious subject, absolutely clear in this excellent video

Saluteage to the director Madeline Quinn.
The album (as heard on the show) is a belter as well
out on Relapse Records

The Jamie Freeman Agreement - Steel Away

"I don't want a broken man, I need a heart that's free" Brilliant!

I don't know who this is or anything. I just think this is all entirely excellent.
Update - Second album '100 Miles From Town' released on Union Music Store.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Beastmilk - Death Reflects Us

Absolutely storming track from their new album 'Climax' which was released by Svart Records in early December 2013

I played tracks from their earlier two singles on the show but it seems that they have crossed over with the new album. Hurrah, because they do straddle some disparate camps, a little like The Leather Nun used to manage. This is an earlier favourite of mine

Occult rockers, DOOMsters, Cult fans, Deathrockers, Danzig fans or those of the Doors...they all like them. The mainstream have cocked an ear because there is a touch of the 80's in there. But their real secret weapon is that they write excellent songs. Anyway, here's the new one -

John Bassett - Nothing Sacred - Live

The frontman for the wonderful KingBathmat band has been recording a solo album which I believe is to be released fairly soon. He took time out for this - a curious idea for these times...a good song well sung!

Looks like the album's gonna be a stonker.
The band are being lined up for festival dates this Spring as well.

Guardian Alien - See the World Given to a One Love Entity

If Gong had come out of the Bay Area thrash scene of the 80's, rather than the psych scene of the 60's, they might sound like this. The drummer is a MONSTER. This is also an absolute headfuck of a video - put it on 'full screen' for maximum meltdown

It is the title track from their 2012 debut but the new album 'Spiritual Emergency' is out 27.01.14 and I cannot wait. Full Euro Tour to follow as well.

The Body - Shrouded

Killer Vid from them
Ha ha. Their Christs, Redeemers album came out last year on Thrill Jockey, supported by some great vids - all of which you'll find posted here. At first it sounds like Beeker (from the Muppet Show) making a DOOM album. Then it starts to get under your skin more... 
that, clearly, isn't Beeker! Anyway they take a more 'industrial' route in being disturbing, rather than the ultra-heavy murk of DOOM.
They are playing Roadburn 11th April, and it looks like a Euro Tour will take place around then as well. Dates tba

Night Sins - To London or the Lake

Yet another smashing release from AVANT! Records, whose releases I have been playing in the show for years. Always interesting and this vid appears to have some 3D parts as well?

" There is a brilliant light in the midst of dimness, and Night Sins is carrying the torch." Quite. The label is in Italy, but these fellas are from Philadelphia. The album comes on 33 rpm 12” vinyl LP. A press of 500, with full-color printed inner sleeve.
This is from their 2012 album 'New Grave' 

Third Coast Kings - Give Me Your Love

About 3 notes in I was outta my chair - killer single and most amusing vid. Love her red trou as well!

Single out on the excellent Record Kicks label who, apart from putting out great music, also do great vids. Calibro 35 are another of their stable...
OMG this band are from Michigan! (Detroit alert!)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Short Film - Kusama's Self-Obliteration (1967)

Yayoi Kusama does the art direction and CLA. Change do the music in this mega-trippy film about her work at the time. Outdoes Warhol and his factory, and pre-empts all the euro and krautrock art and music. I liked the part where fruit becomes spaceships. 24mins of brilliance. Beware, some gentlemens' 'unmentionables' start flapping around near the end...

Fossils - Crack Horse

It's something about those socks!

this is just a taster for the 'Flesh Hammer' album forthcoming on Danish label Indisciplinarian on or about March 31st 2014. It's bloody good though isn't it? 
Yes, that is Beef Jerky

Ghoul/Cannabis Corpse - Split

Look they're making me laugh and mosh OK!?

"Numbskulls and future Numbskulls! Once again, GHOUL returns to help you rot your eardrums, soil your pantaloons, and disappoint your parents. This time we brought our pals in Cannabis Corpse, though we regretfully had to murder them after hearing how good their side of the split is. We'd like to take this time to apologize to their fans, friends, and families."
Out 7th January on 12" CD Digi on TankCrimes

Xibalba - US Tour dates + Vid

So if you want a piece of that...
XIBALBA Tour Dates:
2/15/2014 East Side Joe's - Las Vegas, NV
2/16/2014 Salt Haus - Salt Lake City, UT
2/17/2014 Helms Deep - Denver, CO
2/18/2014 Jackpot Saloon - Lawrence, KS
2/19/2014 A220 East - Cedar Falls, IA
XIBALBA w/ Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Downpresser, To The Wind:
2/20/2014 Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
2/21/2014 The Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI
2/22/2014 Pike Room - Pontiac, MI
2/23/2014 Agora Theater - Cleveland, OH
2/25/2014 Middle East - Boston, MA
2/26/2014 Santos Party Haus - New York, NY
2/27/2014 Empire - West Springfield, VA
2/28/2014 Reverb - Reading, PA
3/01/2014 The Casbah - Charlotte, NC
3/02/2014 Rockettown - Nashville, TN
3/04/2014 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
3/05/2014 Epic Problem - Tampa, FL
3/06/2014 Backbooth - Orlando, FL
3/07/2014 Speakeasy - Lake Worth, FL
3/08/2014 Atticus Bar - Jacksonville, FL
3/09/2014 The Forge - Birmingham, AL
3/10/2014 Goodtime Charlie - Tupelo, MS
3/12/2014 Never Say Never Festival - McAllen, TX
3/14/2014 TBA - Austin, TX @ SXSW
3/15/2014 Walters - Houston, TX
3/16/2014 South By So What - Dallas, TX
3/19/2014 Pub Rock - Phoenix, AZ
3/20/2014 Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA
3/21/2014 Industry Theater - Lancaster, CA
3/22/2014 The Metro - Oakland, CA
3/23/2014 Rock City Studios - Ventura, CA
and I've played the album, ' Hasta la Muerte' on my shows- 
out on Southern Lord now!

The Shrine - European tour support for Red Fang w Lord Dying

They are back!
and here's an amusing new vid from the headliners

18.01.14 Switzerland Geneve PTR, Usine
19.01.14 France Orleans Astrolabe
20.01.14 France Nantes Ferraileur
21.01.14 France Bordeaux Krakatoa
22.01.14 Spain Bilbao Kafé Antzoki
23.01.14 Portugal Oporto Hard Club
24.01.14 Portugal Lisbon Music Box
25.01.14 Spain Madrid Sala Arena
26.01.14 Spain Barcelona Bikini
28.01.14 France Toulouse Connexion
29.01.14 France Clermont-Ferrand Wild Festival
30.01.14 Italy Mezzago (MB) Bloom
31.01.14 Italy Livorno The Cage Club Theatre
01.02.14 Italy Bologna Locomotiv Club
02.02.14 Slovenia Ljubljana Channel Zero
04.02.14 Croatia Rijeka Palach
05.02.14 Hungary Budapest Dürer Kert
06.02.14 Czech Republic Prague Futurum
07.02.14 Greece Athens Gagarin 205
08.02.14 Greece Thessaloniki Eightball
09.02.14 Turkey Istanbul Jolly Joker *Red Fang only

14.03.14 Germany Köln Essigfabrik
15.03.14 Belgium Hasselt Muziekodroom
16.03.14 France Paris Divan Du Monde
17.03.14 UK Sheffield Corporation
18.03.14 UK Manchester Sound Control
19.03.14 UK Glasgow Classic Grand
20.03.14 UK Birmingham Institute Temple
21.03.14 UK London Islington Academy

22.03.14 Netherlands Eindhoven Effenaar
23.03.14 Netherlands Nijmegen Doornroosje
25.03.14 Germany Hamburg Knust
26.03.14 Sweden Gothenburg Truckstop Alaska
27.03.14 Norway Oslo John Dee
28.03.14 Sweden Stockholm Debaser Strand
29.03.14 Denmark Copenhagen Pumpehuset
30.03.14 Germany Berlin Lido
31.03.14 Poland Warsaw Basen
01.04.14 Austria Wien Arena
03.04.14 Germany München Backstage
04.04.14 Germany Leipzig Taeubchenthal
05.04.14 Germany Stuttgart LKA
06.04.14 Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof