Thursday, 31 July 2014

Vampillia x BiS

All is not what it seems here
incredible isn't it?
Did you notice the yeti?
The ladies were a pop band called BiS who did this -
erm...and this -
Whereas Vampillia do Black-Prog

but then late last year BiS 'disbanded' and then re-appeared like this -
So a pretty good fit with this magnificent track/vid
Vampillia's current album 'Some Nightmares Take You Aurora Rainbow Darkness' is on Candlelight Records. Members of Boredoms and Ruins pass through their ranks and also Merzbow!
Their 'Alchemic Heart' album will shortly be reissued by Temple of Torturous Records in Europe.
I realise that this all made little sense - that tends to happen when writing about the Japanese music but you always get great videos with them....

Departure Kids - Let me standing there + album deets + make you mine

Power Pop from Marseille? No it's really good, and I have no idea what this video is all about either!
They're well named because look how young they are -
and they do a song entitled 'Wanking Too Hard'!
There's a 7" (ha ha) out on Ratpop, and an album out on Howlin Banana Records/ Requiem pour un Twister records.
Just look at them rockin' it up live
Go here for the album -

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cozy - Button By Button album + tour

Ooooooooooooooooooooh the new Cozy album has turned up on HoZac Records! I can't wait for a copy so hear it on Bandcamp - utter genius
If you want to see how brilliant they are I posted footage here Oct 2013...where WERE you!?
Anyway live dates (and note the heavy names who associate with 'em)-

Ultramantis Black - Biomonster DNA + new EP deets

The wrestler Ultramantis Black backed by Pissed Jeans!
The EP is rather eye-catching and good old Relapse Records have done a little trailer so you can see :-)
I do like that sleeve, anyway it's out now!

Mono - Legend: A Journey Through Iceland

Well this is one of the best I have posted. 12 mins of time-lapse filming of Iceland's WoW-ness is worth the price of admission alone! Mono often get mis-described as P*st-R*ck but they have far more in common with Tomita, Far East Family Band, Stomu Yamashita over in Japan, and Vangelis over in Europe. Very accessible music - but clearly Japanese in origin. Epic, soundscape/soundtrack stuff played by a rock band but then with orchestra re-added. When it works it is brilliant - their live shows are legendary as a result. They're just perfect here... 
Henry Jun Wah Lee directed.
The track is from their last album 'For My Parents'
The news is that they have just recorded a new one for Pelagic Records - deets to follow, but I had to post that vid!

Hearts & Souls - Wide Eyed

Back a coupla years ago, when my band Detroit'74 started out, we inadvertently scored our first gig in a London club. Having never played live; soundchecked or anything I was a nervous wreck. Hearts & Souls were also on the bill and were a) brilliant live, and b) really tried to get me through the nightmare! Well they're still going and I'm delighted to say that their new single is a doozy -
and I have found a gig (although I think they are also to gig with Allusondrugs in August?)
P.S. their drummer Connor is one of the most powerful drummers I've ever heard live - he really doesn't need mic-ing!)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Matthew Young - Recurring Dreams

Here's a lovely little film of an afternoon spent with the 'new age' synth album pioneer!
and his album was reissued yesterday by Drag City Records on all formats (working with Yoga Records who actually filmed that vid) 
 I have the album so expect to hear it in the Show - but heck, just go get it now anyway!

Djs From Mars & David Puentez - Welcome to The Darkside

These two are always fun
Oh, and there is a link in the comment to go and vote for them - so go vote!

Mary Lattimore with Jeff Zeigler - Untitled

This is well worth a look. The music is rather beautiful, but more importantly you can see how the electronics are being used...
Needless to say they are seasoned performers and collaborators, but they have an album coming out 22nd September on Thrill Jockey - 'Slant Of Light'
Sounds like it could be a beauty.

Adrian Rew - Slot Machine Music

It's the 'Slot Machine Music' release that I want to address. I've never been in a casino, but something about Rew's sleeve notes really caught my attention. I'm aware of these monstrously addictive gambling machines, and the politics/methods of control which are also used by the video-gaming and porn industries. Anyway, here are the notes -
"Video gambling addicts, academic researchers, and industry professionals alike describe the trancelike state into which problem gamblers suspend themselves with remarkable consistency: they unanimously call it the machine “zone”, a kind of inner experience during which the rhythmic flow of human-machine collusion borders on mysticism. Time is abolished in the act of contemporary video gambling―simulated slot reels roll, virtual poker decks deal, and all worldly concerns are lost―leaving only the aura of total zone immersion in its wake. Sometimes characterized as the crack cocaine of gambling, the intensity of the machine zone is a symptom of casino ergonomics: oxygen-saturated pleasure air, subtly controlling walkways, mesmerizing lights, and, as captured here, meticulously engineered sonic environments all play a role in evoking the timeless void of the zone.
  Although I was not yet aware of the extent to which casinos tailor their environments for maximum comfort (and, correspondingly, profit), I did know as I crossed the threshold of my first casino floor earlier this year that it would not be my last visit. Hit by a cornucopia of slot machine tones, triggering aleatorically and coalescing into shimmering masses, I was struck by the need to return and record the sounds that so entranced me. It wouldn't prove to be easy―casino security is intense (you can hear me get warned of the consequences of taking photos at the beginning of the disc's second track)―and due to the clandestine nature of the operation, my recording techniques were by no means sophisticated. Equipped with nothing but an Olympus LS-11 recorder's internal microphone stashed in a sweaty coat pocket, I allowed the lure of the zone to guide me through a series of ambling recording sessions over a period of four months, the best of which are included here. 
  I learned a lot about casino sonics in the process: game designers, for example, tune their machines to the key of C in order to optimize harmonic cohesion; one team of designers, the story goes, even spent a month perfecting a single 'ding' sound on one machine. In the interest of preserving the true ambient sounds of the casino these recordings are completely untreated, but lost in the sea of chance I did exert some affirmative control by means of meandering intent and my actual playing of the machines. And by participating in the games myself I got a taste of the financially debilitating consequences that accompany the enchantment of video gambling. The disc in your hands represents my endeavor to bring you the zone experience without the harsh comedown of its unfortunate reality."
Now hang on to your hat because, if this is what it sounds like in casinos, I really need to get into one! and we all need to buy the album (ltd edition of 500 picture discs - pre-ordering now)

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 21st July 2014

Friday, 18 July 2014

Celan - Sinking + album deets

I like this one a lot - it's got under my skin
the creeping death of being a 'regular'?
Their 2009 album 'Halo' was released on the excellent Exile on Mainstream Records, but it seems it is to get a ltd edition vinyl release on Corpse Flower Records 100 of each of these beauties -
Just check out their previous 'form' - Unsane, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Oxbow!
Order here -

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

ENOS - Live at The East Slope DVD

This lot are fantastic live (see my post 10 September 2013) and the DVD is out 2nd August to prove it. However here's their more gentle studio side
Live they are mega-heavy spacerock, and the night I saw them they showed an entire film (of which that vid forms part) which was projected onto them as well. Amazing. Oh Enos was this little fella
and that led to a whole concept; comic and band
and now DVD
the Innerstrings Lightshow was on hand for this recording

The Courtesans - Genius

Here's the sleeve to their debut album - you'd probably like to see the video for their single?
It's out 25th August
Gigs can be found here -

Pissed Jeans - Bathroom Laughter + re-issue + gigs

Muchos news on the PJ front means I can post this. I thought this actress was so brilliant that I tracked her down on the net to tell her so ha ha
Hilarious. That's from their last album 'Honeys', but they are re-issuing the first album 'Shallow' on Sub Pop. Re-mastered and if you pre-order the vinyl you get the 'Loser Edition' on coloured vinyl + their first single 'Throbbing Organ' on 7" vinyl but you'll have to be quick. Here's what to expect -
Finally we have more live dates (their live show is legendary) and, as is traditional, they will not format correctly ;-)
13-AugUKBrightonThe Haunt
30-AugPAPhiladelphiaMade In America Festival
02-NovORPortlandDoug Fir
04-NovCASan FranciscoSlims
05-NovCALos AngelesLos Globos
06-NovCASan DiegoCasbah
07-NovAZPhoenixValley Park
09-NovTXAustinFun Fun Fun Fest

Friday, 11 July 2014

Father Murphy/ Luca Dipierro - Tre Storie Innaturali

New madness from the duo and the experimental animator/illustrator Luca Dipierro that they work with -
I am liking that bum-trumpet ha ha
Anyway, Father Murphy have a few more live dates
7/11/2014 Late Friday Nights @ Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive - Berkeley, CA w/Gabriel Saloman
7/19/2014 House Of Milk And Honey - Sacramento, CA w/ Dead Western, Featherbeard

8/01/2014 Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA, w/ Xiu Xiu, Circuit Des Yeux

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 7th July 2014

Syd Arthur - Garden of Time + recent live + Hometown Blues + album deets

As soon as I heard their first ep some years ago I knew we had something special here...
Great songs, the good bits of folk-rock; the good bits of world-music; some of the wonderfulness of Canterbury-prog; but best of all they can wig-out live in a way that Americans love (which is why they seem to be going down a storm out there)...check this out
The current album has been out on Harvest Records for a while now, and I think they realise that they have a potential P*nk Fl*yd on their hands, because note the sleeve -
They are always touring USA and UK currently - all details here -
Ok, one more track from the new opus - note effortless pedal flavourings

Monday, 7 July 2014

Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket - In a Dutch Haze

The 'yellow haze' Dbl LP version of this legendary heavy jam is finally coming out after the 'purple haze' one disappeared in a matter of hours! Why?
and that's just 1/3rd!
Out now on Outer Battery (where a lot of J Mascis stuff appears) and in stores tomorrow if any are left! White vinyl version will follow shortly.

Totem Psych Fest - July 25-27 2014

I think pictures might just be enough to convince you about this being a must see acid psych fest... an Italian Castle shaped like a scorpion!!!
Roccasinibalda Castle dates back to the 10th Century
1 hour North East of Rome
Tickets limited to 400
Free camping or hotels/holiday-farms nearby
Italian Occult Prog paraphernalia all over the place!
Day passes or 3-day passes available
better than standing in a field, being rained on, while listening to rubbish?
Right all of the details are on their website here -

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lonely The Brave - Backroads + album deets + Victory Line

Excellent tune/vid from Cambridge rockers! I wasn't sure before, but this one has convinced me. The album is up for pre-orders on Hassle Records (UK) and Columbia Records (worldwide) and will be released 1st September.
they say they are 'doom pop' so this seems appropriate

Metal Construction


Holy Suns - Breakdown on the Beach + new album deets

He puts a lot of scree in the way but there are great songs hidden in the rubble
'on the beach' isn't a bad reference point is it?
Anyway the new album comes out 22nd September on Thrill Jockey
Here's another can hear those 1970's singer-songwriters caught up in the wire

Asturias (Isaac Albeniz) - Norman Gatzke - Guitar

Lovely playing and filming
I like how the chapel darkens when the music 'lightens'? Production of  Martin Grimm from Collapse Under The Empire and -
There is a link for downloading the music for free.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ghoul's Burning Questions ep. 002 + Album deets + I spill your guts

A lot of people in heavy metal think they are funny and witty when they are, in fact, knuckle-dragging goons. Ghoul ARE hilarious though
I've already posted about their forthcoming tour and the latest album 'Hang Ten' but it now seems that their first album is to be re-released on vinyl (3 different ltd editions!) and as a digi/CD two-fer with their second album 'Maniaxe'. But check out the vinyl
For all the options and pre-ordering go to Tankcrimes here -
Their live show is absolutely brilliant as well -

Merge - Joy Illusion + UK tour & album deets

This is a curious one, throat-shredding gives way to almost chanson passages
Well they are popping over from Paris to do this here -
and here's where to go for the album!

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 30th June 2014

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Shit and Shine/ Golden Cabinet/ Bradford

Ostensibly a promo video for this highly recommended gig (2 of the acts have been played in my shows)-
this is actually an excellently edited boogie-monster in it's own right

Perfect Beings - Fictions

Here comes that stardust man again
I absolutely love this album. It's very gentle and musical and beautiful...deserves to be a huge hit. It's out now on the band's own label My Sonic Temple -

Khunnt - Brazen Bull + album & live deets

This is the sound of what is happening to J Saville in a special unit in Hell (previous occupant M Thatcher and reserved for one T Blair)...
it is also utterly wonderful - I feel like I have just had several pints of poison and bile extracted from me...
It's from an album called 'Brazen Bull' which comes out on Swap Meat Records in two weeks time as a cassette/ download
Ltd edition cassette (50) but they do re-runs if there is enough demand...
And if you can get to Glasgow and fancy a further drubbing they are headlining friday night at this...
I've checked and yes that was the wonderful singer-songwriter Richard Dawson as uber-clown!

Cuts - 05 + live date

This one keeps niggling away at me, so...
Their first release will be EP1 on Bristol label Invada. A ltd edition of 300 on coloured vinyl, or a VHS tape of all of the vids ltd to 30!
There is also this -

MFC Chicken - Wine Women and Rock'n' Roll + album deets + Royal We!

Re-igniting the R'n'R of the American Northwest via a quest which started outside a fried chicken shop in London!
Their second album is out on the excellent Dirty Water Record label
and the studio sound of the first album was thus

KODACROME - Immaculada + album deets + Modern Man

Brooklyn-based electro duo (classically trained inevitably) who lace the b-lines with the hooks!
The album 'Aftermaths' (they seem to like their puns) out 8th July and pre-order-able here -
Here's another one with low-end hooks
Oh and they play Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn NY 29th July 2014