Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shield Your Eyes - Reach

I have been meaning to do a bit in the show about Stef/Shield Your Eyes/Gnats Clit for YEARS! I'm reasonably certain that Stef is a genius, but it's very difficult to explain why. Imagine that America never existed; that blues was coughed up in the fields of England centuries ago; that Aldershot is Englands Detroit, and that The West End Centre is the Grande Ballroom. Add (William Burroughs-style) Pirates; tarmac those fields; move up to the present...Now imagine what a timeless music, wearing a doublet and hose, might emerge from that mess?

This is the new album. It is INCREDIBLE.
The doggerel I just wrote really does this no justice damnit
14.11.13 - Wharf Chambers, Leeds
15.11.13 - Maguires Pizza, Liverpool
16.11.13 - Chameleon, Nottingham
17.11.13 - the Victoria, London
18.11.13 - book us
19.11.13 - book us
20.11.13 - Gaztetxea, Getaria
21.11.13 - Arrebato, Zaragoza
22.11.13 - la Residencia, Valencia
23.11.13 - la Faena II, Madrid
24.11.13 - Barcelona
25.11.13 - book us
26.11.13 - book us
27.11.13 - the Black Sheep, Montpellier
28.11.13 - book us
29.11.13 - Triperie, Lyon
30.11.13 - l'Appart Café, Reims
01.12.13 - Espace B, Paris
02.12.13 - Cowley Club, Brighton
03.12.13 - Tamesis boat, London

The Troublemakers - The Great Lost Trouble Makers LP

Dang, Slovenly Records are on a roll this week. They've reissued this Sacramento Garage R'n'R classic on vinyl. You can check out a selection of tracks here-

Yeah, you need it right?
I've just heard that they're touring europe as well. A few dates left
31 - Thursday - Antwerpen - Belgium -Kavka | W/ Natural Child
1 - Friday - Diksmuide - Belgium -4AD | W/ Natural Child
2 - Saturday - Benidorm - Spain -Funtastic Dracula Carnival
Here they are a few hours ago-
nuff said

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Snarky Puppy feat Chantae Cann - Free Your Dreams (Family Dinner - Volume One)

Look I'm trying not to post all of their Monday Vids but dang it's proving difficult. They're back being happy this week - this is a joyous performance with a smashing piano solo

Posts about the CD DVD and European tour are peppered all over this blog ha ha cos we love 'em
Woah! update - go Chantae (just listen as she gradually silences the drunks - the last passage is incredible) 

Lady - European Tour

I already posted the dates but here's some live footage

Singles and Album out on Truth & Soul Records. I've played loads on the shows but I don't think I've played this one- 

The Venus Fly Trap One Girl Band - You loved me fast

Awesome song & video. It's Ramona from Black Luna so needless to say this vid is R'n'R perfection

Mathilde is also on board now so it is 2/3rds of Black Luna where they are more like this 

Obnox - Live bonusage




Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Henry Blacker - tour dates - a Tall story

This has REALLY got something - 'chorus' really kicks off.
 Somerset, Reigns and Hey Colossus links have been mentioned, so I think I can guess who is behind this.
"Ahead of their debut album release in Jan 2014, HENRY BLACKER play the following UK dates ...

Sunday 3rd November – The Green Door Store, Brighton – with The Enablers & Cousin

Monday 4th November – The Exchange, Bristol – with The Icarus Line and Abort Abort

Friday 6th December – The Wagon and Horses, Birmingham – with Terminal Cheesecake, JFK and Backwards"

Ovvl - European tour

Here they come 
Whadda ya mean who? Cali Punker Jammers. NWOBHM is often mentioned but I hear SST; and Wishbone Ash; and any acid rock where there were twin axes! The set-piece gtr sections are uniformly wonderful.

So Tour Dates (and there're more to be slotted in)
NOVEMBER 7 GER - Kassel - "TBA" - w/ Slack Bird (FIN), 3B.P. (KS)
8 GER - Erfurt - Cafe Tiko - w/ Crack City, Schnaps Jockeys
9 GER - Berlin - Kastanie Keller - w/ Kylmä Sota (FIN), Nature Boys (USA) 11 GER - Leipzig - Manfreds
12 CZK - Hradec Kralové - Klub
14 AUT - Vienna - Arena Dreiraum - w/ Pastor (AUT), Crowlegion (SWE)
15 SLO - Ilirska Bistrica - MKNZ16 ITA - Trieste - Tetris
17 SER - Belgrade - Klub Fest w/ Loud, Stvor
18 CRO - Zagreb - Mochvara w/ The Pathetics, Vaseline Children, Junk Messiah
19 SLO - Ljubljiana - Channel Zero
21 ITA - Roma - Sinister Noise
22 ITA - Pisa - Cafe Albatross
23 SWI - Basel - Hauptquartier
27 SPA - Barcelona - Sala Rocksound
29 POR - Porto - Armazem Do Cha
30 POR - Faro - Bafo de Baco

DECEMBER 1 POR - Viseu - Estudantino Café
4 FRA - Bordeaux - Heretic Club11 UK - Manchester - Star And Garter - w/ Groan, Molly Bloom, 10 Foot Wizard
12 UK - Leeds - Santiago Bar
13 UK - Basingstoke - Sanctuary
14 BEL - Aalst - Cirque Mystic
15 NED - Den Hague - Dystopia

Cozy - Kiss me Dummy

I'm obsessing about this. Usually bands that go back to glitter-stomp make a complete mess of it through their stupid irony. This lot absolutely nail it though. Just a brilliant song.

Here they are on telly 

Brilliant aren't they? I particularly like the 'does-nothing-scene-stealing-drummer'.
Here they are live at the Blackout Fest that I would have killed to attend in Chicago (Dwight Twilley AND Chrome headlined aaaaargh) 

Their debut album comes out next year and this beauty will be on it!

Evil Blizzard

Children of Hawkwind and Chrome...of P.I.L and dub. The Lynyrd Skynyrds of bass with a great collection of disturbo-masks. Louder than War Records are releasing their album soon. 

Upset - You and I (+ bonus Screaming Females live blowout)

Catchy and a bit of an assault on trust-fund punkers?

but then that very sad message at the end.
As it's out on Don Giovanni Records, and as that label is run by The Sceaming Females, this gives me a chance to post this exceptional shredder- 

Obnox - Molecule

I love this band and their label Black Gladiator. I have played every release on the label. This is a taster from the forthcoming Louder Space LP which I just have to post!

Black Gladiator is where garage-scuzz crashes into breakbeat while chomping on da funk

This is their last dbl 7" release, as caned on my shows!

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 28th October 2013

Chrome - Half Machine From The Sun - The Lost Tracks From '79-'80

I'm astonished at how quiet it's been re this. A collosally influential pair of maniacs, and one of the great rock bands ever. These tapes are from their peak period as well!

and there's no way i'm not posting my fave of theirs 

or this brilliance

Anyway here it is- go geddit

Walt Disney & Salvador Dali - Destino

As beautiful as you would anticipate-it was worth the wait

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lumbar - The First and Last Days of Unwelcome

Ye gods this is fantastic! Wait for the vocs - incredible. Aaron Edge put this project together after being diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis. He's aided by Tad Doyle and Mike from this was always going to be something special. Ready for pre-order.

Out 11th November on Southern Lord.
In addition to the LP, a CD version will be released direct from the band and a cassette via Holy Mountain Music, with all of the band’s proceeds going to aid Edge’s medical expenses and treatments. 
Dang, if the rest of the album is this good we've got a late contender for album of the year... 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Opium Lord - Street Labs

Played the other side in this weeks show, but lo, there's a video of this side. Belligerence and heaviosity from this Brum Scene supergroup (History of the Hawk and (swoon) Stinky Wizzleteat members involved)

their debut EP is a ltd edition "The Calendrical Cycle - Prologue: The Healer" and it seems to have sold out. However, they are in the studio recording debut album. Can't wait to hear that baby.

The Movements - Like Elephants 1

Listened to their new album yesterday. Really impressed. Starts out with a collision between the Byrds and Jefferson Airplane in Somerset(UK)! This is a fantastic single by the way-

but then digs in for some serious West Coast San Fran Acid Sweden! 

The single and the album are out now in Europe on Crusher Records and Nov 5th in the US on Cleopatra Records.
Expect one of their jams in my show!

Black Rainbows - The Hunter

Really good retro-vid from these guys who live in an area between Blue Cheer and Nebula. Heavy and Groovy then...a very nice place to be, and this kinda looks like a gatefold sleeve...but moving!

Their new EP is Holy Moon out now on Heavy Psych Sounds. Expect to hear more in my show.


Well let's start with a boogie with G.G.

then we'll just up the bpm's a bit and away we go



Percussive Maintenance

Oddly moving (and awfully clever)

Props to Duncan Robson

Courtesy of The Goatess

Another uber-rare collectable

Calibro 35 - Giulia Mon Amour (Record Kicks)

I've been playing these Italian groovesters in my shows for years now. They get loads of 'soundtrack' 'retro' descriptions thrown at them (and they DO get soundtrack work) but all you really need to know is it's Funk and Fuzz and Rocks!

P.S. you HAVE to hear the B side - it's the money shot.
P.P.S. omg they've just released a new album 

William S. Burroughs - AH POOK IS HERE

Awesome award-winning animation based on Bad Bill's dissection of 'Control'. The first time I heard Bills voice was on a counter-culture cassette tape mixed up with musique concrete, Mothers of Invention, early Throbbing Gristle...I took it to be the voice of a ghost! 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Personable & Dwellings & Druss - Mirror & Gate Vol. III

Another cassette-only release blows me away! Comes out on Opal Tapes 12th November. Highly recommended-

There's been quite a lot of this 'kosmische hits industrial hits house' stuff flying about lately, and I've yet to hear a duff one.

Oozing Wound - Call Your Guy

Another hilarious vid from these wags

and remember folks, please rock irresponsibly
Retrash is out now on Thrill Jockey and US tour dates-
10/24/2013 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle w/ The Body, Running, Toupee
10/25/2013 - Indianapolis, IN - Heaven's Gate w/ Ex-Cult
10/26/2013- Columbus, OH - The Summit w/ The Body, Beneath Oblivion
10/27/2013 - Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class w/ Born Wrong
10/28/2013 - Pittsburgh, PA - Gooski's w/ Drug Lust
10/29/2013 - Philadelphia, PA - Silk City w/ Usti Waya
10/30/2013 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio w/ The Dreebs, Pop 1280, Sediment Club
11/1/2013 - Worcester, MA - Collective a Go Go w/ The Dreebs
11/2/2013 - Boston, MA - J.P. Drive-In w/ The Dreebs
11/3/2013 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot w/ Guardian Alien, Skimask, Child Abuse
11/4/2013 - Baltimore, MD - Floristree w/ WUME
11/7/2013 - St. Louis, MO - Blank Space
11/9/2013 - Chicago, IL - Club Rectum : Varnish Festival w/ Raspberry Bulbs

Dam Funk - 7 Days of Funk

You've been hearing quite a bit of this guy in my shows. Well here's the forthcoming P Funk monster headed our way in December from Stones Throw Records. Here's a little piece on the artist, who's a bit of a character-

Full gatefold is a doozy-
and remember not to go swag 

Monday, 21 October 2013

more rants of chairman gums

"it ain't about work, hard or otherwise, enterprise, gender...blah blah...wealth is about cheating and then lying...there is no honour or virtue progress...just stagnant thugs"
""MPs are like police, solicitors and junior doctors" no they are not...they are bums, lying cheating, money-grubbing bums. The real professions (police, solicitors, doctors, nurses, teachers, know) have been under attack since reaganite/thatcherite politics took over. By the way bankers, politicians, estate agents, anyone in the city and finance, journalism are NOT professionals."
"well well well what a surprise, civil servants are INCAPABLE of understanding private sector/business and finance as the utter fuckwit Mr Nadhim Zahawi displays in his cretinous defence of corruption. Some banks NAILED what would happen...beaurocrats failed usual. Now where's the punishment? £1.8 billion pissed away by an inept state that is persecuting the poor and weak with this bullshit 'austerity' crap! Why aren't these fucks surcharged? Civil Servants can be made to pay from their own pockets you know? It's rarely used because they are terrified of responsibility..."

Wau y los Arrrghs - Todo Roto (Slovenly Records)

Murderously hot garage rock which you heard in a recent show.
yes the album is out on the god-like Slovenly label!
There is a wizard in the band
Yes the keyboard player is incredibly hot...
BUT best of all they absolutely smoke it with a frontman who has vocal-wips rather than vocal-chords. Exhibit one 

exhibit two 

So get on it

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Blurt - Let Them Be!

"This limited edition single arrives in a card sleeve that is stamped, hand numbered and finished with a special insert that is linked to the video for the A side.
Limited hand numbered edition of 250." On Blank Editions
5th November - Old Blue Last - London - Free
14th November - Alvin Curran: Maritime Rites - Zürich - {who knows}

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Neil Young - 'Tonight's The Night' gig 1973 UK tour

The journo-party-line is what a disaster this tour was. Every recording I've heard contradicts this. Every one. This is the most 'mainstream' one I've heard, yet the striated 'Don't be Denied' as the Teq-cloud finally descends is fuming/foaming. The 'Cowgirl In The Sand' is a drunk bum roaring down at his gut.

and don't even get me started about 'New Mama'...

Purson - Gigs ltd edition 7"

Then it's the Rise Above Records 25th Anniversary shows at The Garage, London on 27th/28th December + ltd edition pressing of the recent single (ltd to 300 7"s at those two gigs only) with-


Tesla Tapes again!

I've just realised that I have listened to and loved this entire album! Second one from TT today!

Multiple Tap - Japan's chaosity! - February 22nd/23rd 2014

Potentially brain-destroying event at Cafe OTO in London next February!
Website is here-
and here are two of the people performing there-

White Hills Gnod Tesla Tapes

Don't forget White Hills hit UK next week with the excellent Gnod comin' along for the ride-
Mon Oct 21st Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute - ticket link w/ support from GNOD

Tue Oct 22nd London, UK - The Borderline - ticket link w/ support from GNOD
Gnod have also released some great new music on their Tesla Tapes imprint this very month (where that killer Nighthammer tape came from? Hear my show 10.07.13 for their awesome 30 Day Hex)

Friday, 18 October 2013

SUNN O))) (virtually/online)

Online site where Sunn O))) will be reissuing rare albums, merch, clothing, rarities - direct.
First up is Black One album. 180-gram, 2xLP, bound in a thick Stoughton style gatefold jacket in an exclusive Record Store Day edition of 1,000 copies on black vinyl, with an official street date of November 26th.
BUT fans can order the new pressing of the album on white-
or grey vinyl-
 now, in runs of 1,000 each.
Southern Lord will be issuing a Silver version of 1,000 for Europe shortly as well.
SUNN O))) Live Actions:
12/12/2013 De Kreun - Kortrijk, Belgium [info]
12/13/2013 State-X New Forms - Den Hagg, Netherlands [info] (with The Orb, Amenra and others)
It has been pointed out to me that some visitors may not know what these two get up to so-

Thursday, 17 October 2013

twothirtytwo - vids and gigs

Well the interneigh sabotaged my raving about their Westy support slot for Sky Larkin the other week. 

They are from Aldershot. They have an immense, and unmissable, live show. Hey don't take my word for it - go see 'em. There're other bands on, but those in brackets are ones I love so there.
19th October - Flairs - Hastings
31st October - Sanctuary - Basingstoke
12th November - Boileroom - Guildford (with Parachute for Gordo)
22nd November - Sanctuary - Basingstoke (with Welcome the Howling Tones)

Helene Greenwood - Collectable You

Well she released my song of the year some months ago. The album is now out, and took my breath away last night. You now how Kate Bush or Mary Margaret O'Hara seemed to appear out of nowhere with their sounds and visions fully formed? Meet Helene-

starts out with a 'Black Books' vibe and then at 0:47 she just drops a killer change. She does this a lot in her songs! Thankfully the producer, Calum MacColl, was in harmony with her - chimes, scrapes and drones envelop or hug the beautiful tunes.
And, lest you missed it, here's the best song I've heard all year (yes it's on the album). I live in a place where vicious, callous greed is celebrated; where thuggery is promoted by politics, sport, commerce and the media; where the rich are paid to persecute the weak and poor; where gangsters are lauded (and, indeed lorded); and where stupid consumerism fucks pop. So to stumble over work which radiates kindness and empathy is a JOY!

The Body - Christs, Redeemers, (Thrill Jockey)

The album is out now. In the absence of Religion....

UPDATE European Tour Dates announced

Wed April 23rd Manchester, UK - Roadhouse w/ support from Arabrot, Esoteric Youth, Trojanhorse - tickets 

Thu April 24th Bournemouth, UK - The Winchester w/ support from Teef, The Mylar Blackout, Chuter - tickets
Fri April 25th Bristol, UK -  Church of St Thomas the Martyr w/ support from Hey Colossus and Arabrot - tickets
Sat April 26th London, UK - The Underworld @ Desert Fest w/ Dragged Into Sunlight, Arabrot tickets 
Sun April 27th Antwerp, Belgium - Kavka - tickets
Mon April 28th Koln, Germany - Sonic Ballroom - tickets
Tue April 29th Esslingen, Germany - Komma - tickets
Wed April 30th Weikersheim, Germany - Club W71 - tickets
Thu May 1st Nurnberg, Germany - K4 - tickets
Fri May 2nd Berlin, Germany - Jagerklause - tickets
Sat May 3rd Copenhagen, Denmark - Heavy Days in Doomtown Festival - tickets
Sun May 4th Aalborg, Denmark - 1000Fryd - tickets

Aquariana - Aquariana

If you are a Source Family/YaHoWah/Spirit of 76 fan you might need to sit down for this.
Isis has tapes of a solo album by Aquariana! It's been mastered and Drag City are releasing it 16th December!!
Official- "It's not often a parent knowingly allows their child to join a cult outside the structure of their own family-style cult, but such is the case with Aquariana, who joined The Source Familyas a teenager and went on to become one of Father Yod's 13 wives. Happily, it is clear that their spiritual path was where she was meant to be as well, first working her way around the The Source restaurant before landing into Father's loving arms. Aquariana was gifted in many ways, maybe none more so than through her voice: she was one of the key backup singers for Yahowha13 and other groupings of Family bands, and she played the Whiskey A Go Go on LA's Sunset Strip with the Spirit of 76 band. She was a writer of songs too, and a solo record was planned for release on The Source Family's own imprint, Higher Key. Completed in 1974, it was haunting set of songs, sung almost entirely at the piano with no other accompaniment. Aquariana's album was intended as a powerful counterpoint to the male energies produced and pheromoaning outward from the recordings made by YaHoWha 13 and Savage Sons of YaHoWha to that point. This would provide balance and polarity to the catalog. Sadly, shortly after the completion of the LP, The Family decided it would sell The Source restaurant and move to Hawaii, which put a hold on all recording projects. At the time, this seemed to be a minor postponement, but shortly after arriving in Hawaii, Father Yod left his earthly body and the Source Family soon dispersed to their own separate paths."
 and make sure you see the DVD/film. I reviewed it here back in June.

Mick Turner - Don't Tell the Driver

A post-rock opera no less!
Theoretically a terrible idea, but the tasters so far are really lovely- 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hey Colossus - Oktave Dokkter

English Noise-Rock behemoths. Anyone who has seen them lately knows that they just go for the kill live - at any and all frequencies!
'Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo' on Mie Music.

They're good on periphs as well 

Awesome Poster - Samsara Blues Experiment & Giöbia gig - 10 November 2013

at Pussy a Go Go Stockholm Sweden


Jesu - Homesick

Patchy outfit but this new album is a beauty from one end to the other. 'Everyday I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came' out now on Avalanche Records, expect to hear a great big chunk in my show.

Mutation - Relentless Confliction

Track from forthcoming album 'Error 500' (Ipecac 28th October release date). Devin Townsend looms large but this motley crew comprise Ginger Wildheart, Shane Embury, Mark E Smith, Merzbow, Jon Poole (Cardiacs), Denzel (Young Legionnaire), Simon Wright (Canaya) and both Rob and Paul from Hawkeyes.
However, who can forget the 'making of' vid where Smith runs wild- 


Poison Idea - Kings of Punk reissue

The 1986 classic, remastered + 3 live sets over 2 CDs! Out 11th November on Southern Lord.
Oh yeah Vegetable hath returned-

Corrupt Moral Altar - UK tour dates

Any other questions...
13/11/2013 Racehorse Northampton England
14/11/2013 The Black Bull Gateshead England
15/11/2013 Audio Glasgow Scotland
16/11/2013 Packhorse Leeds England
17/11/2013 Old Blue Last London England
The EP 'Whiskey Sierra' has been out on Dead Chemists Records and my fave track is the last one 'You Don't Have To Go To Clown College'.

Deathfix - UK tour

Their album was a fantastic break with Dischord trad, and I loved it for that.

See? Funky, literate, fun, bit 70's, bit smiling Eno, a bit Madchester and a bit neon?
9th November - Prince Albert, Brighton
10th November - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
11th November - The Cluny, Newcastle
12th November - Broadcast, Glasgow
13th November - Soup Kitchen, Manchester
14th November - The Lexington, London

Malleus Rock Art Lab vid - STROBES

I know the tour is over but this is another great vid from the masters

Rip This Joint - Gig this saturday 19.09.13

The always reliable promoter - 4 bands 4 quid
You tend to get noise-rock, craziness, psych, new belligerence and drones both dark and's an example of the latter-

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Black Crack - Gig London 19.10.13

Mark Tilton was in The Membranes (mk 1). I saw Black Crack's first gig some months ago which resulted in this fevered missive-
"Mark Tilton's new outfit proved to be a weapons-grade garage rock outfit. Tremendous set ... special mentions for a) great lyrics (and you know how rare it is for me to say that) although, frankly, any former Membrane guarantees this, and b) a killer lead guitarist who played some spectacular and original breaks (put me in mind of Robert Quine but without sounding like him...yes THAT good)"
They are just finishing off recording their first album but they'll be rocking out live this saturday (they're on stage 8.45pm). They kindly allowed me to play a demo in my show 15.09.13 so go listen.
Saturday 19 October
Stag's Head, 55 Orsman Road, Hoxton, London N1 5RA
with Lampost Gulliver + The Cesarians
See you there!

Snarky Puppy feat. Malika Tirolien - I'm Not The One (Family Dinner Vol 1)

I swear I'm trying not to post every one but damnit this is incredible! If you don't know what this is all about...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!

I just have two more words to add GUITAR SOLO!

Toby Mearing - connections

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 14th October 2013

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New Melvins - Tres Cabrones

They've released a taster track from the forthcoming album
in which they appear to have reverted to old-school Melvins rocking. Excellent.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lapingra - The Spectaculis

You will have heard this lot in my latest show. This was the amazing video I was banging on about-

and the good news is that the crowdfunding worked-
So we have an album and film to look forward to now.
And here's something else from the album I played. They are very likable aren't they?

Henry Collins - instrument builder

These guys are always interesting. Chair with some wires? Have some beauty...

Lots more ideas here (and don't miss the Vitrola Jam at the bottom of the page)

Snarky Puppy feat. Jayna Brown - I'll Do Me

Every Monday Snarky Puppy blow me away with a new vid. I didn't think they could top Lalah Hathaway but meet Jayna Brown (Age 12 ) - guest vocalist
Gabriel Morales (Age 15) - Guitar...prepare to be stunned

The CD and DVD are out now. All the deets and background to this amazing project are here-

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 7th October 2013

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Welcome The Howling Tones -

If you can get to The West End Centre in Aldershot tonight this gig is highly recommended - Heavy Grooves will abound
See ya there!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dan Friel - Thumper

Well deserved staff pick vid Directed by Nick Chatfield-Taylor.
Dan's tour support for Black Pus-
Wed Oct 2nd Prague, Czech Republic - Klub 007

Thu Oct 3rd Graz, Austria - Forum Stadtpark

Fri Oct 4th Milan, Italy - Leoncavallo

Sat Oct 5th Verona, Italy - Interzona

Sun Oct 6th Geneva, Switzerland - Ecurie

Mon Oct 7th Lyon, France - Grrrnd Zero

Tue Oct 8th Metz, France - Les Trinitaires

Wed Oct 9th Paris, France - Espace B

Thu Oct 10th Brussels, Belgium - Magasin 4
Lo-Fi syntheness album - Total Folklore out on Thrill Jockey now
 Ooh hang on I've just spotted this as well-

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Snarky Puppy are coming to Europe

DO NOT MISS THEM! They're on fire at the moment.
The Family Dinner DVD is out now (as is the cd). I've been posting some of the videos in this blog. Check them out and be in awe!

Amazon Saliva

One of my all-time favourite power trios.
In their own words-
"HIDE : b, vo from Ultra Bide, Oh My Cow!, more
"TABATA : g, vo from Acid Mothers Temple, Green Flames, more
"NANI : ds, vo from Bogulta, Human Shower, Psyche Bugyo"
3 middle-aged Japanese gentleman who completely rock-out live, under the influence of late 60's and 70's PT's but with wonderful japanoise twists.
The only album of theirs that I have ever managed to find is this beauty
from which this track is taken. Boring vid, but gives you a chance to hear how shithot they are in the studio.

However, on stage appears to be where they explode so strap yourself in and let us go...

see? Devo, the Knack, the Stooges... 


Eiko Ishibashi - Resurrection

Lovely song accompanied by standard issue inscrutable/wtf video from Japanoise underground figure that Drag City want to take overground as it were!

The LP debut of her 2012 album release 'Imitation of Life' is out November 18th, and there's a live date-
11/22/13 Super Deluxe – Tokyo, Japan Eiko Ishibashi and The Already Dead (Yamamoto Tatsuhisa, Sudo Toshiaki, Hatano Atsuko, Jim O'Rourke)

Drcarlsonalbion - Holly's Jeans

The small solo tour approacheth (with Rogier Smal on drums?!)
Mon 14-Oct-13 Bristol, The Exchange
Tue 15-Oct-13 Leeds, Brudenell
Wed 16-Oct-13 Manchester, Soup Kitchen
Thu 17-Oct-13 London Lexington (w/Thurston Moore) *Matinee 5-8pm TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE*
Thu 17-Oct-13 London Lexington (w/Thurston Moore) *Main show 8pm SOLD OUT*
Holly's Jeans is taken from a split 7" with Rogier Smal on Toztizok Zoundz released to commemorate the European tour-

Maths and the Moon - Old Days/New Daze

They say alt-psyche, someone else said shoegaze, and I thought krautrock/motorik. This is a free download from their forthcoming album 'Night Train Daydream. They bowl along on all of the tracks I've heard so far, and it doesn't surprise me that their live debut was with Damo Suzuki. I'll be playing them in the shows but wanted to flag up some forthcoming gigs-
30.10.13 @ About Blank, Berlin, DE
01.11.13 @ Mother Live, London, UK
05.12.13 @ Monarch, London, UK

Julie's Haircut - Ashram (Live at Musei Civici, Reggio Emilia)

I've already podted about this but there's now some footage of the Equinox gig. This is raw film of what the lightshow - screen in front of band and projections thereon. Excellent stuff, I saw Hawkwind try an early version of this and it's spectacular when you are actually there. Well done VJ Klein.

The single 'Tarazed' is gorgeous. Expect to hear it in my show.
The album 'Ashram Equinox' is released on 11 october 2013 by Woodworm/Santeria.

Hickoids - Soft Paw Corn anyone?

Ha ha ha it's actually a promo vid by the always hilarious Hickoids/Saustex Records for this-
Full details are here-
Man I wish I was in Texas, in a safe pair of hands...

Battle Worldwide Recordings 1st Birthday Party 09/11/13

I have played a fair few of their releases over the last year or so and just noticed this...

Zombi - tour and re-releases

Zombi are hitting the road as US tour support for Goblin. Relapse are re-issuing vinyl releases of early Zombi albums to tie in. They are synth-sequencing prog/soundtrack heads upon whom Goblin have been an influence.

ZOMBI US Tour Dates:
Nov 29 Chicago, IL/ The Empty Bottle*
Nov 30 Minneapolis, MN/ The Varsity Theater
Dec 1 Milwaukee, WI/ Turner Hall
Dec 3 St. Louis, MO/ 2720 Cherokee
Dec 4 Cincinnati, OH/ Taft Theatre
Dec 5 Cleveland, OH/ Beachland Ballroom
Dec 6 Pittsburgh, PA/ Carnegie Music Hall
Dec 8 Albany, NY/ Upstate Concert Hall
Dec 10 Boston, MA/ Sinclair
Dec 11 New Haven, CT/ Center Church on the Green
Dec 12 Philadelphia, PA/ Trocadero
Dec 13 Washington, DC/ 9:30 Club
Dec 14 Carrboro, NC/ Cats Cradle
*Not with Goblin - openers TBA

Pigs - Gaffe

Recent Solar Flare releases getting under my skin. Here's one of them. Takes me back to when hardcore was inventive (Unsane (Dave Curran is in Pigs), Killdozer, NoMeansNo etc) rather than goon-thugs 

European Tour w/ Sofy Major
Wed 16/10/13 France, Paris, Instants Chavirés
Thurs 17/10/13 Belgium, Bruxelles, Magasin 4
Fri 18/10/13 The Netherlands, Utrecht, Acu
Sat 19/10/13 Denmark, Aalborg, 1000fyrd
Sun 20/10/13 Germany
Mon 21/10/13 Germany, Hamburg, Hafenklang
Tue 22/10/13 Germany, Leipzig, Zoro
Wed 23/10/13 Czech Republic, Praha, 007
Thur 24/10/13 Italia, Bologna, Freat Out Club
Fri 25/10/13 Italia, Roma, Dal Verme
Sat 26/10/13 Italia, Milano, Cox18
Sun 27/10/13 France, Montpellier, Black Sheep
Mon 28/10/13 France, Toulouse, Dynamo
Tue 29/10/13 France, Montaigu, Zinor
Wed 30/10/13 France, Clermont-Ferrand, La Coopérative De Mai
Thurs 31/10/13 France, Lyon, Le Sonic
Fri 01/11/13 Switzerland, Delemont, Le Sas
Sat 02/11/13 Switzerland, La Chaux De Fonds, Le Bikini Test
Sun 03/11/13 Switzerland, Geneva, PTR Usine
and French label Solar Flare will release the PIGS Tour 10" EP "Gaffe" for this tour. Here's the 'hilarious trailer... 

Sofy Major also destroy - more details about them next time.