Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Blondi's Salvation - Human Hymn + album/ live deets

Tour videos. I have to watch loads, and they're so formulaic - you know the drill - bars; flipping the bird; smokin; not-funny comedy imagine my surprise when this little work of art exploded in front of me. It's absolutely beautiful!
First rule of tour vids should be to show what the band saw, and not what they did? This one's particularly surprising as the band shot it themselves with excellent direction by Manuel Jesus. Great work.
Anyway, they're from Nantes but could easily fit in with the Italian occult prog scene.
Their new album 'Wisdom Whisper' is coming out 13th November on the excellent Howlin Banana label.
and I have found one gig (with Sycamore Age - another act we have played in the radio shows)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Purson - Electric Landlady

New single from a band I've loved for years. This is supposed to be a lyric video but actually turns out to be a design classic!
It's available digitally at the usual places.
The forthcoming album is to be called Desire's Magic Theatre.
They are currently on the road in the USA with Ghost until the end of October, and a quick trawl of social media suggests that they are tearing the place apart. This doesn't surprise me as their live show is incredible and Americans do appreciate a good live band.
Remaining dates and ticket links are here -
Now as Rosalie rather hogged, albeit justifiably, that video here is the whole band.
but here's where they really come alive

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Huntress - Sorrow/ Zenith/ Eight of Swords + album deets

Fronted by the frankly staggering Jill Janus, this lot keep knocking the ball out of the park with their vids. This new one's a perfect retro-horror concoction
Well done Phil Mucci.
Esoterica; melody; occult science and bong-rips...mix in a cauldron and you get this amazingness
Anyway the new album is out now on Napalm Records
See my post about The Shrine for live dates (what a tour that's gonna be!). Now let's go back to their debut for a reminder of a) why walking around hell in a leotard can be a great idea and b) what an incredible voice Miss Janus has (if you don't know this - wait for the "Let the witches in" bit when she will freeze your blood)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

sun zoom spark

This is a club night based in Digbeth/ Birmingham UK dealing with oscillations/ kosmische/ radiophonics/ low-end psych...all monochromatic futurist punishment. But check out the lighting design!
How about that for a brain-fryer.
Good work Film Ficciones.
Next performance is this Saturday (10th October) at the Centrala Gallery.
STOP PRESS - performance cancelled unfortunately.
Keep an eye on their facebook page for the next trip.

Peter Max Psychedelic animations

a worthy copy by Vincent Collins

Hookworms - Away / Towards

Thin pickings lately so let's have this one from a few years ago. Very slow build with a bunch of forest-bound arkastrites, but when it kicks off we're driving on the motorway of the universe
All I can find is a coupla dates for this lot -
17/10/15 - Headrow House, Leeds w/Richard Formby
24/10/15 - The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge w/Sauna Youth