Thursday, 29 May 2014

Goatwhore - Fucked By Satan + album & tour deets

This is what is known as a 'lyrics video'. They're usually really boring, but a useful way to hear new music. However, I think this one is rather cool. Given the subject matter the 'circles of hell via Terry Gilliam' design works particularly well -
The album - The Constricting Rage of the Merciless is coming out in July on Metal Blade Records -
and just check out the vinyl -
Anyway tour dates -
7/05/2014 Southport Hall - Jefferson, LA7/06/2014 The Levee - Longview, TX
7/07/2014 Zydeco - Birmingham, AL
7/08/2014 Exit/In - Nashville, TN
7/09/2014 New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, TN
7/10/2014 Fubar - St. Louis, MO
7/11/2014 The Vanguard - Tulsa, OK
Summer Slaughter Tour w/ Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Within The Ruins, Fallujah7/17/2014 The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
7/18/2014 The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA
7/19/2014 House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA
7/20/2014 Nile Theater - Phoenix, AZ
7/22/2014 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
7/23/2014 Summit - Denver, CO
7/25/2014 House Of Blues - Houston, TX
7/26/2014 Scoot Inn - Austin, TX
7/27/2014 Gas Monkey - Dallas, TX
7/29/2014 State Theater St. - Petersburg, FL
7/30/2014 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
7/31/2014 The International - Knoxville, TN
8/01/2014 Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH
8/02/2014 Mojoes - Chicago, IL
8/03/2014 Skyway Theatre - Minneapolis, MN
8/05/2014 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
8/06/2014 Crofoot Ballroom - Detroit, MI
8/07/2014 Rapids Theatre - Niagara Falls, NY
8/08/2014 Irving Plaza - New York, NY
8/09/2014 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
8/10/2014 The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA

Amon Amarth - Father of the Wolf + Fall tour deets

Amon Amarth are hitting the road later this year. This gives me a chance to post this incredible 'mini-film'. I've always said that The Lord Of The Rings films need to be re-scored with Death/Black/Pagan/Thrash Metal and Occult-Prog (Nurse with Wound, Current 93 and the whole of the current Italian scene) rather than the cod-celt music they actually went with. This little opus gives you an idea of how great it would be...
They should have cast me in the damned film as well...I didn't grow this beard for nothing...

Lee Fields - Just Can't Win + album & European tour deets

This guy is 63 years old. He released his first album back in 1969. He's been touring solidly for the last decade, whilst releasing two more albums on Truth and Soul Records BUT the new one looks like singer and band (The Expressions) were still looking for something and dang if they haven't found it! An absolute belter of a second single...
The single is out now and the album comes out next week -
and it's anything but cold! 
All the records and pre-orders are available over here -
Oh and don't forget these European Tour dates -

Friday, 23 May 2014

DORA☆MIHO Live in Kyoto UrBANGUILD 26.03.14

This is hands-down the best lightshow I've seen in ages. It will appeal to fans of noise, striptease, burlesque, poll-dancing, performance art...I think it is Doravideo to the left on electronics. The lady is, I believe, Miho Iwata performance artist, choreographer, dancer and often sans-clothes!
Incredible performance and lights!

Locrian - Return to Annihilation

The title track of their current album on Relapse Records. I still can't find the Prog-Rock influences but I really like this new vid because, little by little, it starts to look like early 70's pulp sci-fi paperback covers (which is a very good thing here at Toby Towers)
good work Francesca Marongiu!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Astronauts - Skydive

I have been dying to play you something from this fella for a while, and finally here is the gorgeous first single
If ever a band name or song title didn't prepare you for the's this one!
Lovely footage of Hampton Court Palace as well - the art; the flowers and that spectre of horror that only an utter shit like king Henry VIII could leave behind. Good film-work Michelle Deignan.
Single is out 2nd June on Lo Recordings and the debut album 'Hollow Ponds' is to follow.
and here is the culprit Dan Carney (I think this picture 'looks' more like the music sounds?)

Of Montreal - The Past is a Grotesque Animal Film Trailer + live anthem

Well you wouldn't expect modesty with this story? Looks really good though. Here's the trailer-
It's out in June - with a tour of screenings through the States. Then it will be released on DVD by the wonderful Polyvinyl Records whose packaging is sublime...just check out this reissue of an older album by Of Montreal (available as ltd edition now by the way!)
Now how about a compilation of brilliant performances of the title track from the last seven years? (warning: 'the goods' are totally 'delivered' here - they are an excellent live band)

Nader Sadek - Re:Mechanic + album + tour deets

Well with Nader Sadek directing you'd expect a good vid and that is just what you get with this meditation on life, oil, automobiles and who has to die for what
and yes that was the real Crystal Altar in Egypt.
Here be the album (remember it's a rolling guestlist of players with this project)
and there are some gigs coming up -

5/23/2014 Traffic - Rome, Italy
5/24/2014 Cycle Club - Calenzano, Florence, Italy
5/25/2014 Circolo Colony, Bresciara, Italy
5/26/2014 Sunset Bar - Martigny, Switzerland
5/27/2014 Le Klub - Paris, France

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Robert Millis - Sublime Frequencies European Film Screening Tour deets

Ok I promised to put up the details in last weeks Radio Show. Sublime Frequencies' take on 'roots/folk' music is incredible and far-and-a-way my favourite. Over a distinguished few decades they have found and put out the most R'n'R of indigenous sounds, lunatics, mystics, Radio, gods, geniuses, animals, insects, skies - you name it they find the rawest most fantabulous stuff - ANYWHERE. So needless to say their films are astounding. Here's their take on Southern India
There you are. That was just 1:19 of one of the films, and your mind is now trickling out of your ears isn't it?
The other film is about the Phi Tha Kohn Ghost Festival or 'Mardi Gras from Hell' which takes place in the Isan province of Northern Thailand. I cannot embed it here but cut & paste this link-
So tour dates (and apologies for the formatting shambles!)
MAY 14: BERLIN - N.K. Elsen Strasse, 52 12059 Berlin
May 16: BERLIN - (improv set w/ Ratbag and Gilles Aubry)
May 16: BERLIN - (improv set w/ Ratbag and Gilles Aubry)Loophole, Boddinstrasse 60 12053 Berlin
May 18: BERLIN - Schwelle 7, Uferstraße 6, 13357 Berlin, Germany 
May 18: BERLIN - Schwelle 7, Uferstraße 6, 13357 Berlin, Germany performance with Sublime Frequencies' contributor, Laurent Jeanneau,  Using material gathered on various Sublime Frequencies expeditions.
May 21: GENEVA - Cave 12, 4 Rue de la Prairie 9pm
May 22: BRUSSELS (film screening) Crickxstraat 15, 1060 bruxelles 8.30PM €5
May 23: AALST - Houtkaai z/n, 9300 Aalst 8pm €13/10 with Dean Blunt
May 24: AMSTERDAM - OCCIIAmstelveenseweg 134, 1075XL Amsterdam 9pm €7
May 25: BRADFORD - Threadfest @ Fuse Art Space, 
May 25: BRADFORD - Threadfest @ Fuse Art Space, 5-7 Rawson Place BD1 3QQ 1pm Free entry. Also appearing: Philip Jeck + Basic House + Lee Patterson + Dean McPhee + Female Band
May 26: COVENTRY - The Coal Vaults, Coal Vaults CV1 4LY 8pm £5/7
May 27: LONDON - Cafe Oto, 18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston E8 3DL* Also screening Robert Millis' film: Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan8pm £7/8
May 28: HELSINKI - Korjaamo, Töölönkatu 51 a-b, 00250 Helsinki with Avarus* Screening This World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope8pm €tba
May 29: TAMPERE - Telakka, Tullikamarinaukio 3, 33100 Tampere* Screening: Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan8pm €tba
May 30: BRIGHTON - The Cowley Club, 12 London Rd, BN1 4JA 
May 30: BRIGHTON - The Cowley Club, 12 London Rd, BN1 4JA with F.Ampism + Dickinson/Murphy/Nyoukis7.30pm £5
May 31: GLASGOW - The Old Hairdressers, 20-28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PHwith Bridget Hayden

June 1: BRISTOL - Cube Cinema, Dove Street South, BS2 8JD8pm £6/8
June 3: Film screening, Athens TBA
June 5: e Athens, TBAJune 7: PARIS - Espace en Cours, 56, rue de la Réunion, 75020 Paris with Tara Jane O'Neil7.30pm €7

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Battlecross - New live footage + album + tour...again...

Oh Lord, some bands are just great live. It's a combination of practice, talent, practice and magic. Battlecross have definitely got that factor X! Needless to say, they're from Detroit...
they've put up a load of vids from their show at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh NC, and it's great. Glad to see their singer has begun to sport the 'Wizard-look' too...
The current album is still War of Will on Metal Blade records and the remaining tour dates with Trivium & Killswitch Engage are
5/15/2014 Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD w/ Trivium, Nothing More
5/16/2014 The Machine Shop - Flint, MI w/ Trivium, Devil You Know (No Killswitch Engage)
5/17/2014 London Music Hall - London, ON w/ Trivium
5/18/2014 Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY w/ Nothing More
5/20/2014 Iron City - Birmingham, AL w/ Trivium, Nothing More
5/22/2014 Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN w/ Trivium, Nothing More
5/23/2014 Centerstage Bar & Grill - Kokomo, IN w/ Black Fast
5/24/2014 Fubar - St. Louis, MO w/ Black Fast
5/26/2014 The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO The Black Sheep
5/27/2014 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM w/ Nothing More
5/21/2014 The Varsity Theatre - Baton Rouge, LA w/ Trivium (No Killswitch Engage)
5/25/2014 Aftershock - Merriam, KSw/ Black Fast
5/28/2014 Mesa Theater - Grand Junction, CO w/ Nothing More
End Tour
8/09/2014 Dirtfest @ Birch Run Expo Center - Birch Run, MI

Wild Eyes SF - 1725

Awesome Californian sun-parched groovin' rock. These people could just blast away, but this shit is ARRANGED!
Brilliant stuff. Their debut album 'Get Into It!' is out on the excellent Who Can You Trust German record label, and if you're in Cali they gig regularly on bills like this incredible one (all of these bands have been played in my shows!)
Ok time for one more. Note the tambourine action - always a good sign in a rock band. The people walking past this groove-down are idiots.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lord Dying - Dreams of Mercy

Bit of an odd post this one because it starts out funny and then just gets really awful!
Anyway that was from their current release
and one date (but what a festival line-up!)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blackout Fest - HoZac Records - Chicago this weekend

If you know your shit that poster is all you need.
If you don't, this fest marries awesome garage, gutter, splutter, glitter, splatter, rock'n'roll, freakbeat crazies from now, with incredible headliners from the Proto-past -

The Man

Don't forget the Art Fest on Thursday -
I've rarely heard a debut album so loaded with singles as this one -

Ross the Boss

from Austin Texas -

Well if you're not desperate to attend now you must be deaf? or stupid...

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 12th May 2014

You've gotta see the whole picture

Monday, 12 May 2014

Tara Jane O'Neil - Wordless in Woods + tour deets

This is a fan made vid but it's actually better than the official one and really evokes some of the themes that seem to run through this album.
The album is out on Kranky now -
and the European tour is as follows -
 June 1st – IT, Guastala, HANDMADE FESTIVAL 
June 3rd –  NL, Tilburg, DB’s June 4th – DE, Cologne, KING GEORGEJune 5th – DE, Leipzig, NATO June 6th –  DE, Berlin, TBCJune 7th – FR, Paris, ESPACE EN COURS  june 8- UK Bradford FUSE with David Grubbsjune 9 – UK Manchester  the CASTLEjune 10 – UK  Glasgow GLAD CAFEjune 11 – UK  Reading SOUTH STREET ARTS CENTERjune 12 – UK  London CAFE OTO with New Bums

Brutal Blues

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
They haven't even released their first album yet :-) It comes out on Selfmadegod 22nd May. LP version follows on Drid Machine Records of Norway and Nerve Altar Records in America.
Here are the tour dates -
5/14/20104 Endless Tinnitus - Oslo, Norway
5/16/2014 Snakehouse - Tallinn, Estonia
5/17/2014 Chomsky Bar - Riga, Latvia
5/18/2014 Underground Pub - Kaunas, Lithuania
5/21/2014 XI 20 - Vilnius, Lithuania
5/22/2014 Ack Sepularium - Białystok, Poland w/ Antigama, Rape On Mind
5/23/2014 Indeks - Warszawa, Poland w/ Antigama, Rape On Mind
5/24/2014 Woor - Skarzysko, Poland w/ Antigama, Rape On Mind
5/25/2014 Fabryka - Kraków, Poland w/ Antigama, Rape On Mind
5/26/2014 Boro Klub - Brno, Czech Republic w/ Batalj
5/27/2014 Velbloud - Budweis, Czech Republic w/ Batalj
5/28/2014 Bajkazyl - Prague, Czech Republic w/ Batalj
5/29/2014 West Germany - Berlin, Germany w/ Batalj
5/30/2014 Mayhem - Copenhagen, Denmark
5/31/2014 Häng Bar - Malmö, Sweden

Sunday, 11 May 2014

German Army - Tetlin

Just my kinda brain-fryer of a vid
It's from their marvellous album 'Millerite Masai' which came out on a C45 cassette on the wonderful Yerevan Tapes label. A limited edition of 100 on Jelly Red tape no less...
 The usual awesome art one expects from Yerevan of course
German Army have loads of other releases/ limited run albums as well. They change characters as they progress. Here's another.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mahdieh Mohammadkhani, Majid Derakhshani, Shahoo Andalibi and Ensembles

Stunning underground beauty from Iran. Mahdieh Mohammadkhani is the vocalist, and Majid Derakhshani is the guy on the stringed instrument, and the musical director who is famed for his innovations within traditional Persian music. But the real star for me is the guy on the reed-flute (I think it is Shahoo Andalibi). Just check out the change in sound when he opens his mouth - incredible stuff and it first happens at 0:58
Mahdieh also appears to be an Architect! I think this may be their latest album although, as you no doubt have noticed, I'm flying blind on this post...
Here's the bigger Ensemble with a more raucous song - it's wonderful.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Planes of Satori - Green Summer

I was totally blown away by their single as it's the nearest approximation to full-on mid-sixties Texas-Psych I've heard since...the originals. Well they've posted a little bit of live footage so let's have a look see...
Yep, looks like they can jam the stuff out live as well. Lysergic. The 7" was 'Son of a Gun/ Dichotomies' and came out on the wonderful Who Can You Trust Records label in February...

Blue Cheer

Great Oil Pan/ Liquid Lightshow - wack it on full screen
and now for a modest advert

The Last Poets

they weren't always correct but...

Kingbathmat - Psychoanalyze

This is another outfit who just never drop the ball. Excellent vid
This is from their 2009 album 'Gravity Field' which has been remastered and is available for FREE, but only for a few weeks, here
and they are back playing The Resonance Rock Festival at The Bedford (77 Bedford Hill SW12 9HD London) 31st July (although the fest goes on until 3rd August)

Maximum the Hormone

Purveyors of astounding vids and twists, with another contender for greatest vid ever made
You never quite know where you are going to end up with this lot
The 'comeback' album 'Yoshu Fukushu' was released last year

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Third Coast Kings - Just Move + album + tour deets

Er, the Groove
Deep Funk from Detroit with some great shots (especially on the solos)
This is the single and the album 'West Grand Boulevard' is out later this month on Record Kicks - which means ltd edition DJ friendly vinyl well as all the usual formats - go get it
for tour dates go here (although the Japan dates don't seem to be there yet)

Film - Greaser's Palace (1972)

Astonishing acid-fried take on a second coming in the wild west. Seaweedhead Greaser runs a dying place. He murders his son Lamy Homo (!) regularly because Lamy keeps getting resurrected. Then Jesse parachutes in with his unforgettable walk and zoot suit and starts doing miracles. Meanwhile his father is putting a young family through hell out in the desert, and the other part of the trinity is covered in a dust-sheet and killing or resurrecting at will...possibly pointlessly. There follows a lot of walking and an array of wondrous battered hats. There is very little script but lines are often repeated endlessly - more like animal calls. The authority does nothing but take taxes, and is constipated, bored, irrelevant, impotent. The Native Americans are a little more grounded and have a topless Toni Basil. The scenery is also absolutely beautiful. The music is lovely. Robert Downey Sr directed this wonderful absurdist comedy (I laughed out loud at least 7 times!). 

I'm not gonna tell you how it plays out but I loved it. The comedy set-pieces are hilarious. There is horror. The cast played it straight and that was the right call. You may know Alan Arbus from M.A.S.H. and he's just as affecting in this.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Film - Decoder (1984)

Strange little time-capsule with loads of faces from the early 80's Berlin scene. William Burroughs, Christianne F. Genesis P-Orridge. Brion Gysin's Dream Machines. Some of Throbbing Gristle. Soft Cell. Temple Ov Psychic Youth. Themes are - surveillance; privacy; the war over, for and to distort information; secrecy; fast food; distopian muzac; mind control; genuine scenes of rioting from Reagan's visit to Berlin; corporate non-accountability; celebration & encouragement of aggression in video games. But the real star is the film design, sound and music. Proto- cyberpunk sci-fi and obviously now very topical
Well worth a look

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Seedhill Bruiser - Timber

This, quite frankly, is budget, no-fi, genuine DIY genius

Suuns - Vids + Tour Deets

This lot have always had a nice sideline in good vids, so, rather than me try and describe what they do, you can see and hear -
...then slightly more blissey
Their album 'Images de Futur' came out ages ago on Secretly Canadian, and was much played in the Show last year. Well they've announced a rather huge Euro tour off the back of finishing up a jaunt States-side! Needless to say the formatting is a shambles but here we go
05/13/14 Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero w/ The Faint BUY TICKETS05/14/14 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ The Faint BUY TICKETS05/16/14 Boston, MA - Royale w/ The Faint BUY TICKETS05/17/14 New York , NY - Webster Hall w/ The Faint BUY TICKETS05/19/14 New York , NY - Bowery Ballroom w/ The Faint BUY TICKETS05/20/14 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club w/ The Faint BUY TICKETS05/29/14 Nimes, FR - This is Not a Love Song Festival BUY TICKETS05/31/14 Lyon, FR - Nuits Sonores Festival BUY TICKETS06/01/14 Milano, IT - Magnolia BUY TICKETS06/02/14 Vienna, AT - Chelsea BUY TICKETS06/04/14 Ravenna, IT - Beaches Brew Festival BUY TICKETS06/06/14 Athens, GR - Plissken Festival BUY TICKETS06/07/14 Eindhoven, NL - Eindhoven Psychlab BUY TICKETS06/08/14 Frankfurt, DE - Zoom BUY TICKETS06/09/14 Prague, CZ - MeetFactory BUY TICKETS06/10/14 Graz, CZ - Forum Stadtpark BUY TICKETS06/11/14 Zagreb, HR - Mocvara BUY TICKETS06/13/14 Neuchatel, CH - Festi'Neuch BUY TICKETS06/14/14 Luzern, CH - B-Sides Festival BUY TICKETS09/26/14 Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Psychfest BUY TICKETS09/27/14 Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Psychfest BUY TICKETS09/29/14 London, UK - Village Underground09/30/14 Ghent, BE - Vooruit10/01/14 Paris, FR - Gaite Lyrique10/02/14 Amsterdam, NL - Tolhuistuin10/03/14 Copenhagen, DK - Vega10/04/14 Oslo, NO - Revolver10/06/14 Stockholm, SE - Kagelbanan10/07/14 Goteborg, SE - Pustervik10/08/14 Helsinki, FI - Kuudes Linja10/11/14 Istanbul, TR - Salon IKSV

The Great Sabatini - Munera

Increasingly psychotic vid as this Quebecois band head off into circle-dance riffery
The album is out in June on Solar Flare Records - 12" vinyl.
There is also a tour

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Father Murphy - Let The Wrong Rise With You + North American Tour Dates

I have been playing this wonderful band for years on the Show, but I still can't really explain what they do so here's a video of a track from their latest release
It doesn't really help much. And every track tends to be different so...well what I can observe is that this is a music that so obviously derives from Catholicism or a Catholic culture. Also history - it seems laden with medieval or dark ages luggage. Power, Ceremony, Faith, Mysticism. Also RIO and all the amazing European music and experiments that took place in the 1970's, and which were suppressed by the great punk lie. There's a playful mystery kept out of my grasp by this lot. and I thank them for that.
Their latest release ('Pain is on our side now' Aagoo Records/Boring Machines) consisted of two 10" Vinyls with music on one side only. You could play them separately, or simultaneously on two decks. No explanation as to why, and a totally different experience in each case!
Anyway here are the tour dates and then some recent live footage which is quite wonderful. Keep an ear out for the backward singing. They're like a Jodorowsky film made music-
FATHER MURPHY North American Tour 2014:
5/07/2014 Grand Victory - Brooklyn, NY
5/08/2014 Ortlieb's Tavern - Philadelphia, PA
5/11/2014 Bar Banditos - Richmond, VA
5/14/2014 Mothlight - Asheville, NC
5/15/2014 Caledonia - Athens, GA
5/16/2014 Eyedrum - Atlanta, GA
5/18/2014 Mango's - Houston, TX
5/23/2014 Spirit Abuse - Albuquerque, NM
5/24/2014 Flycatcher - Tucson, AZ
5/26/2014 The Handbag Factory - Los Angeles, CA
5/27/2014 Night Light - Oakland, CA
5/28/2014 Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco, CA
5/29/2014 Bat Cave - Arcata, CA
5/30/2014 The East End - Portland, OR
5/31/2014 Northern - Olympia, WA
6/01/2014 Lofi - Seattle, WA
6/03/2014 Neurolux - Boise, ID
6/05/2014 Hi Dive - Denver, CO
6/07/2014 Reckless Records Showcase - Chicago, IL
6/08/2014 Joyful Noise Performing Space - Indianapolis, IN
6/09/2014 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH
6/10/2014 Meddlesome Lab - Rochester, NY
6/12/2014 Boston Hassle - Boston, MA
6/13/2014 House Show - Providence, RI
6/14/2014 Feeding Tube Records - Northampton, MA
6/15/2014 The Urban Farm Fermentory - Portland, ME
6/16/2014 Suoni per il popolo Festival - Montreal, QC
6/18/2014 Death By Audio - Brooklyn, NY
6/19/2014 Live on WFMU - Jersey City, NJ