Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Perfect Beings - Walkabout pt2

What a beautiful 'dancing lights' video by Bianca Greene. Stick with it - it builds.
Somewhere in the galaxy, where Radiohead and Sigur Ros are ageing planets, a new one appears
Their self-titled album is released in Europe 30 June on My Sonic Temple Records. Sounds like it might be a beauty?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Thought Forms - For the Moving Stars

Lovely video about ageing, which features a legendary skateboarder in Bristol called Spex
The track is from the great split LP between Thought Forms and Esben & the Witch that came out earlier this month. White Vinyl or Ltd edition Silver Vinyl (only available from Invada Records direct in the latter case), but if you just want digital go here

Bowl Magazine

I first became aware of this wonderful site via a recommendation to hear this album (and I pass on that recommendation - I sat transfixed as I listened to a poet who has worked out just exactly how his words, his voice, and most importantly his spaces and pause, can work with other musicians)
Well Garry Franks then told me about this magazine he publishes online BOWL (Beauty of Washing Lines).
It's full of fascinating, considered, playful, naughty, caring writing about the Arts, Thought...well just being human really.
I have been meaning to recommend it for ages but this post has now has been prompted because Rodney Wood - a chap I know - has magically appeared in the new issue!
Just as an example of their playfulness they published this wonderful poem by Appollonia Vitelli which has become a favourite of mine (it's a bit blue)
"“Don`t Piss In Men`s Mouths!
u no when u rlly reddy 2 cum + u no u r goin 2 xplode in hss mth butt frightennd ur goin 2 piss in his mth inted? I dd 1ce + he wssnt himpressed, butt I ill wnt du agn!”

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Eastroad - Timebomb

Top chaps who always put on a great show - they're particularly good at those harmonies live.
That's the new single and it's available on itunes etc.
They are usually gigging in and around London - they became a virtual fixture at The 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street last year :-)
When the next batch of gigs is announced I'll post them up - highly recommended.
Here we go, they are playing 17th May at The Finsbury, 336 Green Lanes, London N4 1BY
UPDATE - The Single Launch Party 4th July at The Borderline in London

When the Deadbolt Breaks - Sleeps in Burning Hills - Casting Call for Models

Absolutely brilliant video
and they're filming the next one soon-

"Lounge SevenZeroEight Photography is seeking four female models to appear in the video and the accompanying photo shoot. The video is a horror themed jaunt, and there is some nudity. The video shoot is being scheduled for mid May, at a location in Connecticut. Interested parties contact:
LoungeSevenZeroEight@gmail.com. Please include a full body shot of yourself and any links to any modeling websites you have been featured on. Title the email "708 Video Shoot"
The double CD album 'Drifting Toward the Edge of the Earth' has been out for a while on Ear One Productions. I hear as much Blue Cheer in there as Sludge, Doom, Psych...gig-

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mistoa Poltsa - TLD

This lot keep hoving into sight after I played them in the Show, and I keep liking their iron-wool tumbleweed garage
It's always good to see someone still really trying. And hats off to Lois MacDonald who directed this, and scuffs up guitar in the band, who then scrawled on the film...
Well it's from a new release available here
and you can check out their/his earlier marvellous output here

Monday, 21 April 2014

Once Upon A Time in the Doom

Possibly the best fan-made vid I've seen. If you haven't yet seen the film this gives away one of the plot themes so beware. Otherwise just wait for when the music starts - oh brother.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Bomber Jackets - Walking in the Air

an album that was caned in the shows...I fell for it. Subsequently understood his missus was in hospital with a difficult pregnancy, and that, and his responses and failures, had fueled this. It really is a wonderful album. It's not dark - more...honest and forgiving and guilty and funny and desperate. But this vid! Well the hospital garb + coach ticket (that was how he had to get to her/them) make sense, but echo concentration camp rags. The choice of hideous/pretty gentrification design (so hollow, desiccated, mocking, functionally vicious) is fitting.
go here and get it

Harmonia - Watussi (great fan vid)

In which a Krautrock gatefold sleeve comes to life

Crudo Pimento - Cumbia de Muertos + live dates

These two have been in contact with me twice, and each time with a killer vid - this one really is killer!
that's quite a bodycount for a vid!
The album is a doozy and I have played it in the show. First though there appear to be live dates (excuse the language barrier - I'm an idiot) -



9 MAYO HELL DORADO,VITORIA (SUSPENDIDO por cancelación gira Twin Tones)

John Bassett - Comedian

Blimey - yet another great song and vid from this guy!
It's from this album 'Unearth' out now on Stereohead Records

Guardian Alien - tour deets and live footage

The band with the potential to become an American Can! Here's what they do

Sat June 14th Pilsen, Czech Republic - Pohoda Music Club
Sun June 15th Zagreb, Croatia - Klub Mocvara
Mon June 16th Wien, Austria - Arena - tickets
Tue June 17th Bratislava, Slovakia - A4
Wed June 18th Lubjiana, Slovenia - Gromka
Thu June 19th Faenza, Italy - Clandestino
    Fri Jun 20th Torino, Italy - Spazio 211
Fri June 27th Geneva, Switzerland - cave12
Sun June 29th Marseille, France - Salle Gualle
Wed July 2nd Lisbon, Portugal - Galeria Ze dos Bois
Thu July 3rd Madrid, Spain - El Perro Club
Mon July 7th Paris, France - Espace B
Tue July 8th London, UK - Power Lunches - tickets 
Wed July 9th Cardiff, UK - The Moon Club
Thu July 10th Manchester, UK - Sacred Trinity Church
Sat July 12th Antwerp, Belgium - HET BOS
Tue July 15th Nurnberg, Germany - K4
Wed July 16th Dresden, Germany - Chemienfabrik
Thu July 17th Warsaw, Poland - Plac Zabaw
and don't miss the 'See the World Given to a One Love Entity' vid I posted earlier this year - brain-frying + all the album deets are there as well :-)

The Comet is Coming - Neon Baby

A space-rocker via jazz - not unlike Acoustic Ladyland - with a cracking Space 1999-based vid YeeHaa
nice work TENENTNET.
Apparently this was a live recording and I just love those synth runs.
Album to follow this summer.

Lola's Bad - Break Free

Evangelia C is a Greek actress, director, performer, computer scientist, and now muso, so needless to say the vid is rather eye catching
This is from a forthcoming EP which may be titled 'Sirens' and is to be released independently.
She seems to play out in London and New York. I've found this bit of live footage which is interesting because my rudimentary knowledge of synths etc tells me that, unlike the usual electro bores, she is actually looping, sampling, and dubbing on the fly. You'll notice that this performance is rough but also has a real edge - and that is why. So hats off to Evangelia C
I rather like this image as well
courtesy of Kostis Fokas

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Colonel Bruce Hampton - Basically Frightened - Pharoah's Kitchen

I need to see this...I think you might want to as well
It's been released on DVD by Ropeadope Records with a bonus dvd of 90 mins of live performances! AND there's a new album 'Pharoah's Kitchen' as well
Right, let's get funky with the maniac

Heavy Psych Sounds - Four Band Split - Desertfest deets

Well it's a promotional vid so I almost ignored it - turns out to be an absolute blast!
It's all about this (and note the ultra-ltd gold edition and ltd white-splatter-purple editions - yum)
Oh and while I am here - the Desertfest deets

The Wisdoom - Theta

Heavy Italian Psych dirge with an absolute trip of a video by Andrea Labate
Wowza - how good was that!
The album 'Hypothalamus' is out now on the excellent Heavy Psych Sounds label.

Stagnant Pools - Intentions

Look I don't normally do this, but this song is so beautiful that I am just gonna have to post it bare! There is an album to come 10th June on Polyvinyl Records. If it's all this good we have a classic on our hands. Touring as well-
Right, here it comes-

I didn't mean I'm bare, by the way. Just that there's no video etc...just to be clear...
UPDATE - second track released and it sits in a place between MBV and Brendan's side of the early Dead Can Dance styles! This one is looking like an album of the year...

Pariis Opera House - Hearts

You are about to have your heart broken by a sock...
It's out 5th May on KAPZLOK.

Friday, 18 April 2014

New Bums - The Killers & Me + Album/ Tour deets

The album 'Voice from a Rented Room' came out on Drag City in February but they have now booked a tour, and the UK part is a 'Robert Graves' sojourn, hence the odd venues. It's going to be pagan deity poetry time!
13th June - Stretton on Fosse, Village Hall w/ David Morris
15th June - Falmouth, Beerwolf w/ David Morris
17th June - Hebden Bridge, Masonic Hall
25th June­ - Haarlem (NL), Patronaat
26th June ­ - Utrecht (NL), Kargadoor
27th June - ­ Groningen (NL), Vera
28th June - ­ Larz (DE), Fusion Festival
Here is another track from the album, while you are thinking about it...

Secrets of the Sky - Decline

The melodic passages are gorgeous and so is Chelsey!
The album 'To Sail Black Waters' was released last October on Kolony Records
and in June this happens
and it is looking like there will be a split from these two crews in time for that tour.

Falling Stacks - Burning Platform

These guys have a propensity for dropping into jams positioned somewhere between The Fall and firehose! They do it in the second half of this newish Vizslas EP
More EPs to follow apparently + an album - on Battle Worldwide Recordings.
I must just give a rewind to this incredible earlier vid as well by Hankinfilms

Sonic Station - Amelia

Excellent new single from these guys (and lady!) who are taking the 80's into the future!
Yeah it's AOR baby!
I played them in the Show back in 2012 when their first album came out. Looks like the second one is to be released 23rd May - Yay!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

God Damn - Shoe Prints in the Dust

An attack on the ideals of many American hip hop vids apparently
Single is out next week on One Little Indian Records - 7" single with download code etc
Bloody funny vid anyway...oh and there are gigs...{formatting has gone ballistic by the way but hopefully these are legible!)

20th April // Sheffield, UK // Detestival at Queens Social Club
26th April // Reading, UK // Are You Listening Festival
1st-3rd May // Liverpool, UK // Liverpool Sound City
23rd May // Manchester, UK // Dot to Dot 2014
24th May // Bristol, UK // Dot to Dot 2014
25th May // Nottingham, UK // Dot to Dot 2014
31st May // London, UK // Camden Rocks Festival 
24th June // Zagreb, Croatia // In Music Festival 
11th July // Cheltenham, UK // 2000 Trees Festival 
10th May // Brighton,  UK // The Great Escape 
10th June // London, UK // Artrocker New Blood Festival

21st June // London, UK // Camden Crawl at Underworld
2nd Aug // Derbyshire, UK // Y Not Festival

Slow Life - Pond Life

Time lapse photography of coral and sponges. 'Beautiful' does not do this justice...
Brilliant work by Daniel Stoupin. Shall we have another? Oh yes I think we shall

ASx - Obstacle of my Affection

Battle Worldwide Recordings keep catching me out with good singles. Here's yet another
This one is out now

Serpentine Path - Disfigured Colossus

The vid tells you everything you need to know - so no need to read any drivel from me...
Can't really see the point of a single - although it would be a hoot to hype this into the charts :-)
Their debut album was a cavernous rotten weed-draped belch from hell, so I can't wait to hear the new one.
Oh for those not in the know - Serpentine Path feature Tim Bagshaw of mark 1 Electric Wizard and Ramesses fame = DOOM Royalty!

Trans Am - New Vids + Tour Deets

Well this is odd. As a teaser for the new album, 'Volume X' out 11th August in Europe, they've made an alternative version of this track to sound like monks and the Beach Boys jamming with the Jesus and Mary Chain! I have no idea why. Maybe it's an oblique reference to Easter?!?

anyway here's a blast from the past
retro-futurist motorik with a hardcore rhythm section yum
UPDATE new vid of one of the new tracks
Thu May 22nd - Washington, DC - The Black Cat w/ Heavy Breathing
Fri May 23rd - Brooklyn, NY - The Knitting Factory w/ Dan FrielSat May 24th - Pittsburgh, PA - Smiling Moose w/ MicrowavesSun May 25th - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle w/ CaveTue May 27th - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird w/ Ring Cicada, The GorgeWed May 28th - Kansas City, MO - Record BarThu May 29th - Dallas, TX - Three Links w/ New FumesFri May 30th - Houston, TX - Rudyard's Pub w/ Vacation Eyes, Wicked PoseurSat May 31st - Austin, TX - Red 7 w/ Survive, When Dinosaurs Ruled The EarthMon Jun 2nd - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom w/ LarkspursTue Jun 3rd - Los Angeles, CA - The SatelliteWed Jun 4th - San Francisco, CA - The Independent w/ Dirty Ghosts, Death CheetahSat Nov 8th London, UK - Electrowerkz
Sun Nov 9th Leeds, UK - Belgrave Music Hall
Mon Nov 10th Manchester, UK - Ruby Lounge
Tue Nov 11th Brighton, UK - Green Door Store
Wed Nov 12th Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun
Thu Nov 13th Rouen, France - Le 106
Fri Nov 14th Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Romandie
Sat Nov 15th Metz, France - Les Trinitaires
Mon Nov 17th Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
Tue Nov 18th Leipzig, Germany - Baustelle Schauspiel
Wed Nov 19th Berlin, Germany - Berghain Kantine
Sat Nov 22nd Brussels, Belgium - Beursschouwburg
Sun Nov 23rd Paris, France - TBA

and here's another new vid of another uncharacteristic track from the forthcoming album!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

EyeHateGod - Album + US Tour deets

and the supports will take your face off as well!


4/22/2014 Rock Shop - San Jose, CA

4/23/2014 Midtown Barfly - Sacramento, CA

4/24/2014 Branx - Portland, OR

4/25/2014 Rock Shop - San Jose, CA

4/26/2014 Dark Lord Day Festival - Munster, IN

4/27/2014 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ High On Fire, Corrosion Of Conformity

w/ Ringworm, Enabler:

5/28/2014 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA

5/29/2014 Drunk Horse - Fayetteville, NC

5/30/2014 Chop Shop - Charlotte NC

5/31/2014 611 - Frederick, MD

6/01/2014 Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA

6/02/2014 Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA

6/03/2014 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA

6/04/2014 American Legion Post 80 - Binghamton, NY

6/05/2014 Brighton Music Hall - Boston, MA

6/06/2014 Even Flow - Long Island, NY

6/07/2014 Europa - Brooklyn, NY

6/08/2014 Basement Transmissions - Erie, PA

6/09/2014 Bug Jar - Rochester, NY

6/10/2014 Loving Touch - Detroit, MI

6/11/2014 Now That's Class - Cleveland, OH

6/12/2014 Birdy's - Indianapolis, IN

6/13/2014 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL

6/14/2014 Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI

6/15/2014 TBA - Appleton, WI

6/16/2014 TBA - TBA

6/17/2014 Diamond Pub - Louisville, KY

6/18/2014 Fubar - St. Louis, MO

6/19/2014 Hi Tone - Memphis, TN

6/20/2014 Southport - New Orleans, LA

6/21/2014 Dollhouse - Savannah, GA

6/22/2014 Orpheum - Tampa, FL

Phew! The self-titled new album is out 27th May on Housecore Records/ Century Media/ Daymare, and Joey LaCaze's spirit drives it on. Vinyl-hounds be aware the LP will be housed in a gatefold. The first pressing will be limited to 1600 copies and made available in the following color variations: black (600 copies), purple (300 copies), clear (400 copies), purple and grey (300 copies).

Bundles and stuff are at http://www.thehousecorestore.com/

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Golden Retriever - Flight Song

A bass clarinet declaims from atop a wall of synth matrices while the lights dance
takes me back to the days when media player first appeared with those little EQ graphic representations :-) Well it seems thanks here are due to Lysandre Follet for "the first music video made using the Geometry Synthesizeur and the first geometric video clip built in Grasshopper/Rhino 3D" whatever that means.
The track is from Golden Retriever's new album 'Seer' out now on Thrill Jockey (yes it's them again - they keep sending me these great vids) 

USA out of Vietnam - Leg of Lamb

This is fan-fucking-tastic. Epic Montreal-scene dream/drone-pop with at least two wonderful songs at it's heart, teamed with an 'everything including the kitchen sink' feast for the eyes film - guest-starring the primal-man from Ken Russell's 'Altered States' movie. Brilliant!

Heart! Those Canucks can get a bit chilly, but this is bursting with HEART. Well done Amy Torok who directed the film. Ok, the album 'Crashing Diseases & Incurable Airplanes' comes out on the Aurora Borealis label on 5th May. Look at the cover - they just have gotten everything right. 
and note there is a ltd edition vinyl double album - 300 copies - mastered by Plotkin. So you'll need to be pre-ordering that baby.
They are supporting Loop at La Sala Rossa in Montreal on 21st April.

Battlecross - Never Coming Back

Oh now this is JUST what I needed - some Detroit firepower

They really seem to enjoy themselves, and have a rep for being top chaps. The album 'War of Will' is doing well, out on Metal Blade 
Here they are laying waste to the Mayhem Fest last year - THIS is how you put on a show 

Brilliant! So go see them live and say hello
4/19/2014 New England Metal & Hardcore Fest - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
4/30/2014 Dingbatz - Clifton, NJ
5/01/2014 The Paramount - Huntington, NY w/ Killswitch Engage, Into Another, My Ticket Home
5/02/2014 The Loft - Poughkeepsie, NY w/ Beyond Dishonor, Soulstyce
5/03/2014 Mojo 13 - Wilmington, DE w/ Beyond Dishonor
5/04/2014 Reverb - Reading, PA w/ Killswitch Engage, Into Another, My Ticket Home
w/ Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Nothing More:
5/15/2014 Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD
5/17/2014 London Music Hall - London, ON
5/18/2014 Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY (no Trivium)
5/20/2014 Iron City - Birmingham, AL
5/22/2014 Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN

5/23/2014 Centerstage Bar & Grill - Kokomo, IN
5/24/2014 Fubar - St. Louis, MO
5/25/2014 Aftershock - Merriam, KS

 w/ Killswitch Engage, Nothing More:
5/27/2014 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
5/28/2014 Mesa Theater - Grand Junction, CO

Jon Porras - Apeiron

If you need cold calm on a hot spring afternoon, this music and footage will sort you out

Jon's in Barn Owl, nuff said. The album 'Light Divide' is out now on Thrill Jockey (who seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment) and first 600 LPs are pressed on limited white vinyl.
Le Corbusier on the sleeve
Apeiron is Greek and means 'without end' 'infinite' I believe.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Koen Holtkamp - Endlessness + tour deets

Lovely Kosmische bliss-out, from one half of Mountains, with the water turning into deep space!
Definitely one for the full screen + full volume treatment. I believe Koen actually makes the films himself for (astral) projecting whilst playing.
The album 'Motion' is out now on Thrill Jockey as a stand-alone LP or as an extended CD release coupled with a second disc called 'Connected Works', compiling all of Holtkamp’s vinyl only releases digitally for the first time. This includes Liquid Light Forms (Barge, 2013), Gravity/Bees (Thrill Jockey, 2010), and Make Haste (A Room Forever, 2008). 
and there's a spring tour as well-
Tue Apr 1 - Iowa City, IA - The Mill
(Mission Creek Festival) w/ Mark McGuire & Jenny Hval
Wed Apr 2 - Milwaukee, WI - Sugar Maple

Thu Apr 3 - Chicago, IL - Constellation
w/ Mind Over Mirrors
Fri Apr 4 - Louisville, KY - Dreamland

Film Screening + live performance
Sat Apr 5 - Akron, OH - RCN Cave
Sun Apr 6 - Harrisburg, PA - Little Amps 
Thu Apr 17 - Toronto, ON - Man Finds Fire at Geary Lane w/ Mind Over Mirrors
Fri Apr 18 - Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
w/ Mind Over Mirrors
Sat Apr 19 - Hudson, NY - Spotty Dog
w/ Mind Over Mirrors
Sun Apr 20 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
w/ Mind Over Mirrors, Mike Wexler

Xiu Xiu - Lawrence Liquors + Tour deets

Fireworks from the always fascinating Xiu Xiu

The album 'Angel Guts: Red Classroom' is out now on Polyvinyl Records 
and they are touring
Wed 23- Los Angeles US – Church on York w/ Kid 606 and Tearist
Wed 30 – Krems, AU – Donau Festival: Dark Material
Thu 1 – Krems, AU – Donau Festival – Xiu Xiu show & Dark Material
Fri 2 – Krems, AU – Donau Festival : Dark Material
Sat 3 – Krems, AU – Donau Festival : Dark Material
Sun 4 – Krems, AU – Donau Festival: Dark Material
Mon 5 – St Gallen, CH – Grabenhalle with The Residents
Wed 7 – Lausanne, CH – Le Romandie
Thu 8 – Venezia, IT – Teatro Fondamenta Nuove
Fri 9 – Udine, IT – Pn Box
Sat 10 – Torino, IT – El Barrio
Sun 11 – Brescia, IT – A Palazzo Gallery
Mon 12 – Lyon, FR – Grrnd Zero
Tue 13 – Paris, FR – Petit Bain
Wed 14 – Brest, FR – La Carene
Thu 15 – Lille, FR – La Malterie
Fri 16 – Utrecht, NL, Ekko
Sat 17 – Gent, BE, Democrazy @ DOK-Box with White Hinterland
Sun 18 – Rotterdam, NL, WORM
Tue 20 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club Games Room
Thu 22 – London, UK – Xiu Xiu & ATP present “The Reds Of Their Eyes” @ Birthdays with
Blood Music
Fri 23 – Groningen, NL – Lepel Festival
Sat 24 – Copenhagen, DK – Jazzhouse with Circuit Des Yeux
Sun 25 – Berlin, DE – Volksbühne with Owen Pallett
Tue 27 – Hamburg, DE – Kampnagel
Fri 30 – Moscow, RU – PIPL with Psychic TV
Sat 1 – St Petersburg – RU – Zal Ojidaniya with Psychic TV
Thurs 5 – Mexico City MX El Plaza Condesa with Deerhoof
Now maybe one more vid because you've probably noticed they make really eye-catching visuals

The Skull Defekts - Awaking Dream

Just a beautiful film of flowers dancing

Man Forever - Ryonen

Well my 'pretentious- siren' started sounding straight away, but this kept me hooked...

It's sort of drum-drone? Other tracks aren't. Touches of NY minimalism, Shogun Kunitoki, Terry Riley, Subotnick, Kosmische and Glen Branca also detected. Definitely needs further investigation.
The new album 'Ryonen' is just out on Thrill Jockey
and there is an album launch party at Le Poisson Rouge (Bleeker St NY) Monday April 21st.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Coma Wall - Summer

Chris Purdie, as Merrin, likes to DOOM-out whilst providing live soundtracks to films of a certain nature...
Well now I know why. Absolutely perfect vid here by him - slips right into Coma Wall's Southern-dread frigid-heat breath-haze.

The track is from the excellent 'Wood & Wire' split by Undersmile and their own acoustic bad-selves Coma Wall. Highly recommended, and was rinsed in my shows when first released.
beautiful package (ha ha) available here in all sorts of bundles http://www.shamanrecordings.com/product-tag/wood-wire/
and their heavy incarnation is gigging/taking bookings-
29/04/2014: The Cellar, Oxford w/ Girl Power [info]
02/05/2014: ‘Kin Hell Fest, Leeds w/ Napalm Death, Lock-Up, Necro Deathmort & more [
25/06/2014: The Underworld, Camden w/ Dopethrone & Gurt [
02/08/2014: The Rigger, Stoke w/ Space Witch & Trollkraft [

Dead Fader - Tubed

Very tasty eye-melting strobe video

excellent work Jim Warrier and John Cohen.
I was beaten half to death by a Dead Fader set about 4 years ago. A serious noise assault. Well he's released two albums now. The nasty one is 'Scorched' on the excellent Small But Hard label 
and the gentle one is 'Blood Forest' on Robot Elephant Records (+ the 'In Cover' single) 
He will always occupy a space in my heart for this stark beauty on 3by3

Dead Rider - Blank Screen + tour dates

This one just gets crazier and crazier

Hats off to Slipbeat for superb editing
The new Dead Rider album 'Chills on Glass' is out now on Drag City Records,
 and, look, I don't even have to type out all of their tour dates...

The Junipers - They Lived Up In The Valley + album release deets

This lovely album snuck out in 2012 as a download only. Here's a track...

Beautiful isn't it? Well Sugarbush Records think so, and are releasing the album as ltd edition vinyl 28th April 2014.
300 copies with 100 on Orange Vinyl! And here's where you go to snag one
Now here is a track from their winter 2013 release The Junipers' Euphonious Trolley EP Volume 1. I can totally sympathise with this...

(they know it's out-of-focus)

Dum Dum Girls - Are You Ok? + Tour deets + Rimbaud Eyes


If you'd care to see the longest legs in music they are touring Europe soon-
May. 01 - London, UK - Scala
May. 03 - Manchester, UK - RoundHouse
May. 04 - Leeds, UK - Live In Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
May. 05 - Norwich, UK - Norwich Art Centre
May. 07 - Glasgow, UK - SWG3
May. 08 - Belfast, UK - The Black Box
May. 09 - Galway, UK - Roisin Dubh
May. 10 - Dublin, Ireland - The Button Factory
May. 11 - Bristol, UK - Start the Bus
May. 13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands at Bitterzoet
May. 15 - Milan, Italy - Circolo Magnolia
May. 16 - Rome, Italy -Traffic Club
May. 17 - Carpi, Italy - Mattatoio
May. 18 - Zagreb, Croatia - Mocvara
May. 20 - Hamburg, Germany - Knust
May. 21 - Berlin, Germany - Lido
May. 22 - Munich, Germany - Orangehouse @ Feierwerk
May. 24 - Zurich, Switzerland - Kinski Klub
May. 25 - Esch Alzette, Luxembourg - ROCKHAL
May. 26 - Paris, France - La Maroquinerie
May. 27 - Paris, France - Silencio
May. 28 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
May. 29 - Lyon, France - Les Nuits Sonores @ Les Confluences
May. 31 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera
June 01 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Al Parc
June 02 - Toulouse, France - Connexion Cafe
June 03 - Bordeaux, France at Relache
June 07 - Porto, Portugal at Primavera
What? The legs? Yes it's true...

Just received this - yet another great vid from the band with the best legs in...well just the best legs actually. I'm really warming to this particular single.

Kramies - Clocks Were All Broken

I played another track from him in this weeks show, and then saw this! Beautiful video and song - wack it onto full screen

The mini-album is a knockout as well. Both Todd Tobias and Jason Lytle involved!
out on Hidden Shoal Recordings now.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Envidia - Psicología Infantil (La Voz Mala)

I really like what's going on in the Buenos Aires scene...here's a simple idea, sexuality shifts, and so does the melody...

a recommend from the wonderful Mujercitas Terror.
An Argentinian Syd Barrett or Swell Maps? 

and the packaging is sublime...

Oh and here's the latest from Mujercitas Terror-

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 7th April 2014

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nothing - Bent Nail

A reverse psychology video from these excellent heavy shoegazers!

Two excellent singles in a row, and the album is a belter as well - out on Relapse now.
 They're playing Roadburn but it's a sellout of course.
UPDATE - they are sharing a lovely cover of Low's 'In Metal' on their bandcamp page at the moment

UPDATE - we have European tour dates now -
Nov 4        Bologna, IT        Freakout Club
Nov 5        Rome, IT        Circolo Degli Artisti
Nov 6        Milan, IT        Ohibo
Nov 7        Linz, AT            Ahoi! Pop Festival
Nov 8        Zagreb, HR        Mochvara
Nov 9        Vienna, AT        Arena
Nov 10        Prague, CZ        Podnik
Nov 11        Berlin, DE        Cassiopeia
Nov 12        Hamburg, DE        Hafenklang
Nov 13        Copenhagen, DK    Loppen
Nov 18        Eindhoven, NL        Dynamo
Nov 19        Stuttgart, DE        Jugendhaus West
Nov 20        Kortrijk, BE        De Kreun
Nov 21        Brighton, UK        Green Door Store
Nov 22        Birmingham, UK        The Oobleck
Nov 23        Glasgow, UK        Broadcast
Nov 24        Leeds, UK        Brudenell Social Club
Nov 25        London, UK        Birthdays
Nov 26        Antwerp, BE        Het Bos
Nov 27        Amsterdam, NL        OCCII