Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wooden Indian Burial Ground - Burnout Beach + album/tour deets

I've been meaning to flag up this lot, and now is the time because they are in the UK and the visuals are all in alignment. The new vid is a tremendous freakout - stick with it...
They're from Portland but the new album 'How's Your Favourite Dreamer' is out on Belgian label EXAG' Records. It is a thing of beauty.
There are a lot of bands doing this stuff but they all tend to be generic sound-a-likes. This lot stand out, I think, because they really can jam. Here they are from a coupla weeks ago.
Phew! So, tour
The Finsbury in London; The Cavern Club Exeter; The Hope & Ruin Brighton; The West Indian Club Rugby; 1000FRYD Aalborg.