Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Beauty of Washing Lines

Soul feeling a little blackened? Lost hope? Can't see the good for all the bad?
This is a good place to visit (I love it there).
and here is the type of thing you will encounter-
On a Skag Breeze
She stots in a
Figure-tight, hugging
Pocket-battleship, red
Dress with the family
Around Lidl car-park then
Back again
The smell the smell
Of skag on their breeze
-They`re in their borrowed morning birthday suit
Top hats, bow ties shewiffy
The platinum blonde extensions bride is mobbing
Her mates
Skag stink on the breeze
Skag stink skag stink on their breeze
The sexy teenager cousinish not bridesmaid stands
On impossibly high
Move the mountain to Mohammed
White legs untanned, lovely
Skag, skag
Skag on their breeze
Across Lidl carpark
Amongst the SAT-NAV
Shoppers and back
Great-granny goes past
On her mobility
Fag-mouth lit up look no hands!
Skag skag wedding
All the best
Skag skag on their breeze

The Icarus Line - No Money Music

If a lady wants to kiss, you'd best kiss damnit.

Seriously, I loved their 'Wildlife' comeback album so hope the newie holds up. It's out now on Agitated Records.

They are supporting The Cult 31st Oct and 1st Nov at London’s Roundhouse, and have wrapped this little jaunt around the edges.
Hoxton Bar and Grill
Milton Keynes
Craufurd Arms
The Hope
Deaf Institute
Belgrave Music Hall

Grumbling Fur - Protogenesis

Blimey are we getting sent some trippy videos lately! Was gonna play this in the Radio show but this video is a blast on fullscreen. It was made by English artist Mark Titchner. Sonically we're in the Giorgio Moroder, late Tangerine Dream + blissed out early 90's vocs area.

Live Dates (more to come):
Fri Sep 20th Tilburg, The Netherlands - Incubate Festival
Sat Oct 5th Glasgow, UK - Eastern Promise Festival
Thu Oct 17th London, UK - Corsica Studios w/ Werkmeister Harmonies
Mon Oct 21st Bristol, UK - Exchange
Sat Nov 23rd Oxford, UK - Audioscope Festival
and that Corsica Studios one should be a doozy. They have a fantastic sound system there.
Anyway album is Glynnaestra

of Montreal - new album and avalanche of goodies

So of Montreal have new album, Lousy with Silvianbriar, out on 8th October 2013 BUT i'm posting because this is a band/label who think about the fans SO there is an Early Bird Edition Sea Glass Green vinyl limited to 1500 copies. But also...


Yep there's even a boardgame!


Kissy Sell Out - Who Walks Alone

One for, er, 'collectors'!

KANDODO (Simon Price of The Heads) video + gigs

Channels Fleetwood Mac's Albatross vibe and Simon's made a perfect vid to match. Stick around for the lovely last minute or two.
 Wed Sep 25th London, UK - The Lexington w/ Carlton Melton (friends of the radio show for years now)- tickets HERE
Fri Nov 29th Camber, UK - Camber Sands (All Tomorrows Parties) - tickets HERE

and album is K2O just out on Thrill Jockey


GLENN JONES tour UK & Europe this November

Well they call it American Primitivism, but it's really another kind of Soul music courtesy of John Fahey, and with roots in another set of soils.
Glenn is a beautiful player, as heard in my recent show. 

Glenn Jones European Tour:


Friday November 8th Dublin, Ireland - Molloy & Dowling Basement

Saturday November 9th Cork, Ireland - Triskel Arts Centre

Sunday November 10th Clonakilty, Ireland - De Barra's

Tuesday November 12th London, UK - Cafe OTO

Wednesday November 13th Bristol, UK - Cafe Kino

Thursday November 14th Faversham, UK - St Marys Church

Friday November 15th Manchester, UK - Islington Mill

Saturday November 16th Glasgow, UK - The Glad Cafe

Monday November 18th Lyon, France - Sonic Lyon

Tuesday November 19th Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn

Wednesday November 20th Berlin, Germany - Monarch

Tuesday November 22nd Bergen, Norway - Landmark

More dates to be added as well
The album is My Garden State and it's out on Thrill Jockey Records now
Update- more dates added to the tour
Sat Nov 23rd Munich, Germany - Radio Bavarias SessionSat Nov 23rd Munich, Germany - Optimal Records Store - NEW DATE!

Sun Nov 24th Paris, France - Crypt of the Church Notre-Dame de la Croix

Fri Nov 29th Stuttgart, Germany - Theater Rampe- NEW DATE!

Sun Dec 1st Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who! Festival - NEW DATE!
and here's another of my favourite tracks from the album. It has the most gorgeous phrase in it - you'll know it when it appears :-) 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Midday Veil - REMEMBER CHILD vid and tour dates

Mind-melting new video from occult-space ceremonialists, including processed footage of celestial collisions, no less!
Short tour of West Coast
01.09.13 Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
11.09.13 Rotture, Portland, OR
12.09.13 Luckey's, Eugene, OR
13.09.13 Siren's Song Tavern, Eureka, CA
14.09.13 Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA
15.09.13 The Night Light, Oakland, CA
26.09.13 Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
11.10.13 Hypnotikon Festival at the Triple Door, Seattle, WA
and new album out on Translinguistic Other on September 9th, although you'll hear it in my radio show.

Generationals - Say When

I don't normally post re the video rather than the music but I couldn't take my eyes off this one. Dores is amazing but it's really the camerawork that makes this.

BROKEBACK (Doug McCombs of Tortoise) announces rare LONDON gig on 22nd November!

Here's what they do


Well the day before Tortoise play ATP Doug has booked this-
We Got Tickets

Music Glue
Their album 'Brokeback and the Black Rock' has already been released on Thrill Jockey Records.

The Janitors - vid dates vinyl!

Gorgeous video of a new song from their fantastic double album Drone Head (on Cardinal Fuzz Records).

and they are coming to the UK-
October 4th, Manchester with The Cult Of Dom Keller and Base Ventura
October 5th, London - Reverb Conspiracy Launch Part w. Damo Suzuki, The Telescopes, The Cosmic Dead & The Cult of Dom Keller

Mujercitas Terror - Excavaciones

This tune didn't go quite where I expected (which is a very good thing), and gradually really starts to rock. Very good.

Gonerfest Sept 26-29th 2013

Here's the damn line-up. Will someone PLEASE pay for me to fly out and see this?!


Conan Tour Oct 2013

You will hear them in this weeks show. I ran out of time so the track is from their Monnos album and they are touring.

Philippe Petit: Needles In Pain (Pict. Disc vinyl album + Digital / Alrealon Musique)

Here's some brief footage of Philippe and his turntable set-up

and here is the beautiful result

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Nels Cline - Rig Rundown

Nels is a beautiful player, and turns out to be a lovely guy, generous and this is a damn masterclass, especially in pedal-use. Forget Wilco - go listen to his own stuff - he's an original and not afraid to devastate his tone with effects.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

There is another Toby that I locked in a room when I was a kid. He didn't get out when I became an adult either, but people often heard him calling through the keyhole. I just lurched on. The room moved further away and the door grew to monstrous proportions. He was still calling out though, ideas and stuff, and curiously, the further away the room flew, the louder he became. And people also obser...ved that I couldn't sit down - I've never been able to...

...and then that room stopped moving away, and started to come back...

It's coming back now.

Well as I've gotten older I have realised with growing dread that he's my twin. I realised that, when I die, I was gonna have to watch him die too, in that fucking room. I couldn't face the horror of wanting to open the door then, but having grown so old that I didn't have the strength left.

So I let him out.

He's in my beard. I think that's why it exploded. He's the one writing the songs, and he is the happy lunatic that presents the radio shows. He's got a crush on a lady now too ha ha silly sod.

So now as I sit on my beaten-metal throne petrified and atrophied, it is comforting to watch the little crittur flyin around building his little dream-machines

I'm glad he's out.


Right I have a solution. We've got loads of unemployed people who are, according to ian duncan smith, all cheating scumbags. Well I know what we can do with them. Vote them into parliament at the next general election - ids IS a cheating scumbag! The only qualification for being an mp seems to be that you ARE a cheating scumbag. So job-centres just need to pay the fees to let the unemployed stand next election and we can vote them all in. Hey the worst that can happen is what we have now - cheating scumbags. But if our cheating scumbags are wrong and, as I have found, the unemployed are mainly decent intelligent people, it's a win win win situation. No need to thank me folks I'm an ideas kinda guy

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Courtesans "Dirty Killer" The Bad Atom Remix Censored

New attempt at shock-rock. If you signup to their mailing list there is an uncensored vid. Anyway they're recording first album, and playing live- October 13 - The Underworld, Camden 31 - The Classic Grand, Glasgow November 1 - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

René Laloux - Les temps morts (1964)

Aliens consider Man and find us wanting.

Voodoo Six - new single and co-headline tour

The brand new video for Voodoo Six single ‘Your Way’ from the new album ‘Songs To Invade Countries To’ released by Spinefarm Records. and they are out with Sacred Mother Tongue- Tour dates: 24.10.13 Birmingham 02 Academy 3* 25.10.13 Think Tank, Newcastle** 26.10.13 Audio, Glasgow* 27.10.13 Sound Control, Manchester** 28.10.13 02 Academy Islington* * Voodoo Six headline ** Sacred Mother Tongue headline

Wolf People - first US tour

Their first ever gigs in America in October in support of Unknown Mortal Orchestra: 11 Oct - New York, NY – Knitting Factory, Brooklyn 12 Oct - Philadelphia, PA – Ortlieb’s 13 Oct - New York, NY – Mercury Lounge 14 Oct - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall w/ UMO 15 Oct - Montreal , QC - Cabaret Mile End w/ UMO 16 Oct - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace w/ UMO 17 Oct - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick Lounge w/ UMO 18 Oct - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups w/ UMO 19 Oct - Pittsburgh, PA - Altar W/ UMO 20 Oct – Bloomington, IN – The Bishop 21 Oct - Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall

Louie Bluie

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Howard (not Louis) Armstrong. He started playing String Blues in the 1930s and he and his friends are INCREDIBLE characters. I think this was director Terry Zwigoff's first documentary, and he clearly knew he'd found a walking one-man-show in Howard. What you get here is just over an hour in his company as he tells tall-tails; fascinating stories; bullshits; banters with his friends; and visits amazing folk from his career. Every 3 to 5 minutes these old coots start playing and that's when the joking stops - lethal string blues players with country, gospel, bluegrass and all sorts of other music, influences or influenced by them. They rock HARD. Great characters; great stories; hilarious joking; and awesome music. One of the best documentaries I've seen.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

King Krule

Easy easy, well I usually detest this affectation-rain-broked-conurbation-english-media-safe-box-ticked-shit...but this one detained me


just walking home and some ne'er-do-wells are sitting on the pavement blocking it, so I walked past in the road and received the standard issue glares. a little further along I crossed over onto the other side and was stopped by a little old indian lady. she was scared and said they had been abusive to her and she was terrified of walking past them again So I offered to walk her home. Adopted my ...'fierce hells angel' gait and away we went. She was really really scared and I had to usher her across the road, toward them, before a surrey-driver nearly mowed her down. sure enough, as we neared the ne'er-do-wells, they scurried off and i felt wretched - i'm no fan of 'anti-racist' control freak bastards, but when you come across that rare bit of real racist bullying, let's face it, it makes you feel ill. and then god looked down on my despair and said "Oi beardy, lighten up you shitbag" and Lo the ne'er-do-wells returned and said they were "so sorry" to the lady and one put her arm round her and another said "Sorry I was shouting at her (his partner) not you" and it was good, it was REALLY good...

Nothing - new single 'Dig'

Here it is live a few days ago and here's the studio version - out on Relapse Records. Shoegaze! U.S. Tour Dates with Whirr: 8/9/13 @ Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC 8/10/13 @ AKA Records & Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA 8/11/13 @ DC9 - Washington, DC 8/13/13 @ Saint Vitus - New York City, NY 8/14/13 @ Lipgloss Crisis - New Haven, CT 8/15/13 @ Great Scott - Boston, MA 8/16/13 @ Casa Del Popolo - Montreal, QC 8/17/13 @ Silver Dollar Room - Toronto, ON 8/18/13 @ Cleveland Public Theater - Cleveland, OH 8/19/13 @ Columbus, OH 8/20/13 @ Garden Bowl at The Magic 8/21/13 @ Quenchers Saloon - Chicago, IL 8/22/13 @ Minneapolis, MN 8/23/13 @ Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO 8/24/13 @ Shred Shed - Salt Lake City, UT 8/25/13 @ Boise, ID 8/26/13 @ Vera Project - Seattle, WA 8/27/13 @ Bunk Bar - Portland, OR 8/28/13 @ Bottom of the Hill w/ Lycus - San Francisco, CA 8/29/13 @ Tigers & Daggers - Merced, CA 8/30/13 @ Part Time Punks w/ Sisu 8/31/13 @ The Underground - Mesa, AZ 9/1/13 @ Club Dada w/ Majical Cloudz - Dallas, TX* 9/2/13 @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar - Louisville, KY* *Without Whirr

Julianna Barwick - Nepenthe (Dead Oceans)

The new album comes out tomorrow, 19th August. It's produced by Alex SIGUR ROS Somers. Julianna will be supporting Sigur Ros on tour. She has two UK dates as well - 29-Aug UK London St Giles Church 31-Aug UK Dorset End of The Road (Tipi Stage, 4pm)
New Video posted 

Crocodiles - New Album and Tour Details

Their new album, Crimes of Passion, comes out tomorrow 19th August 2013, and there's a big tour as well- FULL UK/ EU DATES 23-Aug UK Chester The Compass 24-Aug UK Newcastle The Cluny 2 25-Aug UK Glasgow Broadcast 26-Aug UK Edinburgh Sneaky Petes 27-Aug UK Norwich Norwich Art Centre 28-Aug UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club 29-Aug UK Manchester The Ruby Lounge 30-Aug UK London Seabright Arms 31-Aug UK Bristol Start the Bus 01-Sep UK Larmer Tree End of the Road 03-Sep UK Brighton Sticky Mike's 04-Sep FR Paris Le Nouveau Casino 07-Sep CH La Tour-de-Peilz NOX ORAE 08-Sep ES San Sebastian kutxa kultur festibala @ igeldo amusement park 11-Sep IT Milan Indie Summer Party @ Magnolia 12-Sep IT Turin Blah Blah 13-Sep IT Rome Black Out Rock ClubVia Casilina 14-Sep IT Padova Looop 15-Sep IT Marina di Ravenna Hana Bi 17-Sep AT Vienna Arena / Dreiraum 18-Sep AT Linz Posthof 20-Sep D Berlin Privatclub 21-Sep D Hamburg Indra 23-Sep DK Aarhus Radar 24-Sep DK Copenhagen Stengade 30 25-Sep NO Oslo Café Mono 26-Sep SE Stockholm Debaser Slussen 27-Sep FIN Helsinki Club Hori Smoku” @ Kuudes Linja 28-Sep SE Malmo Debaser 30-Sep NL Tilburg 13 01-Oct BE Brussels Rotonde Botanique

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - UK Tour

Aly Spralto is mad. Now you can go see her and her band's legendary live show. I have no idea what just happened in that video by the way. 30-Aug UK Cambridge Lodestar Festival 31-Aug UK Bangor Bangor Arts Festival @ Open House 01-Sep IRE Dublin Electric Picnic 08-Oct UK Manchester Night and Day 09-Oct UK Leeds Belgrave Music Hall 10-Oct UK Norwich Sound and Vision Festival 12-Oct UK Bristol Simple Things Festival 13-Oct UK Cambridge Portland Arms 14-Oct UK London Hoxton Square BK 15-Oct UK Brighton Sticky Mikes

Xibalba Hierophant European Tour Dates

A Hardcore drubbing guaranteed at these-
28.09.13 Germany Essen @ Cafe Nova
29.09.13 Holland Amsterdam @ Winston
30.09.13 UK Birmingham @ The Wagon & Horses
01.10.13 UK Manchester @ Star and Garter
02.10.13 UK Glasgow @ The Classic Grand
03.10.13 UK Milton Keynes @ Craufurd Arms
04.10.13 UK London @ 229 Club
05.10.13 Belgium Mortsel (Antwerpen) @ JH Centraal
07.10.13 France Toulouse @ Le Saint des Seins
08.10.13 France Bordeaux @ The Bootleg
12.10.13 Spain Sevilla @ Sala Hollander
13.10.13 Spain Madrid @ Wurlitzer Ballroom
14.10.13 Spain Barcelona @ Rocksound
16.10.13 Italy Bologna @ Freakout
18.10.13 Germany München @ Backstage
20.10.13 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia
21.10.13 Poland Warsaw @ Hydrozagadka
22.10.13 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
23.10.13 Sweden Stockholm @ Torpet
25.10.13 Germany Frankfurt @ 11er
26.10.13 Germany Stuttgart @ Keller Klub

Disappears Live Dates


Helene Greenwood

This lady makes kind kind music, riddled with originality and hooks. Her 'Break In' ep is easily one of the releases of the year. I cannot wait for the full album to be released. By the way that's Fraser (Ewens son) MacColl on guitar, and his arrangements of Helene's music so far have been majestic.

Matana Roberts

She's back. New album out 30th September on Constellation Records. COIN COIN Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile. She has a wonderful distinct womans voice, and I've loved her music since I first heard her years ago. Like many of my faves she's rooted in jazz but gone into a whole 'nother place.

Ufomammut tour

Tour deets with more dates to follow. It's a greatest hits show, and with these babies 'hits' means like asteroids hit planets!

Purson - Live in London

They just posted a new poster and it's a beauty!

Richard & Willie


Well a cover like that, you gotta investigate...hilarious!

Pelican - killer single!

I was never to sure about Pelican but this new track blasts. Puts me in mind of Husker Du!!! This is the Mylene Sheath 7" version coming out August 20th 2013 on Southern Lord. 'Forever Becoming' album to be released in October with an original version of this track. US TOUR DATES Oct 17 – Brooklyn, NY - Invisible Oranges CMJ Showcase Oct 18 – Brooklyn, NY - Invisible Oranges CMJ Showcase Oct 19 – Allston, MA – Great Scott * Nov 1 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s ^ Nov 2 – Washington, DC – DC9 ^ Nov 3 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church ^ Nov 4 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506 ^ Nov 5 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade ^ Nov 6 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco ^ Nov 7 – Baton Rouge, LA – Spanish Moon ^ Nov 8, 9, & 10 – Austin TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest Nov 13 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge * w/ King’s Destroy ^ w/ Coliseum

Dragged into Sunlight tour dates

Great live footage and killer lighting in this vid and the dates are- Thurs 29.08.13, Blade Factory, Liverpool, UK (with Bong, Lazarus Blackstar, Manatees, Crypt Lurker) Fri 30.08.13, ArcTanGent Festival, Day Of Damnation, Bristol, UK Sat 31.08.13, Asylum 2, Birmingham, UK (with Bossk and Mercer) Fri 20.09.13, Incubate Festival, 013 Tilburg, Holland

Al Cisneros 10" and OM dates

Here's Al's new solo 10" out on Drag City 19 August in the UK/EU, and continuing his awesome dubbing up of OM. OM Tour dates are 14/11/2013, Berlin, Volksbuhne 15/11/2013, Copenhagen, Loppen 16/11/2013, Stockholm, Kagelbanan 18/11/2013, Gothenburg, Truckstop Alaska 19/11/2013, Hamburg, Hafenklang 20/11/2013, Siegen, Vortex Club 21/11/2013, Geneva, l'Usine 22/11/2013, Bern, Dampfzentrale 24/11/2013, Paris, BBmix Festival 25/11/2013, London, Village Underground 26/11/2013, Birmingham, Rainbow Warehouse 28/11/2013, Leeds, Brudenell Social Club 29/11/2013, Camber Sands, ATP festival 30/11/2013, Kortrijk, Sonic City 01/12/2013, Utrecht, Le Guess Who

Attention Space-Rockers near Birmingham - Onboard The Craft Festival


Friends of the show plus big-hitting Headliners. £45.00. Full details-

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Blue Nile

I have listened to Blue Nile's Hats album more than 1000 times. Think it could be in excess of 2000 times. If you want to know how it feels to be in love; if you need to remember how it feels to be in love; or if everything's broken and you need to hear how hope sounds - Hats is THE go-to album/refuge. So this doc captures them a little later, touring America, and the carefully chosen words are superb, as is the jail sequence at the end. If you are an addict - this is unmissable. If you are a newbie - this is a wonderful 'best-of' + visuals. just in case you don't who they are....

Kate Bush - Documentary 1979

A genius holding together the production of a legendary show/tour in england in 1979, at the tender age of 21. Nationwide was a teatime magazine show, and yet another place where Kate had to field stupid questions from idiot journos. She always talked eloquently about the creative process, and it must have been so frustrating when some 'bloke' would do the 'when are you going to settle down get married and become a breeder' speech. Kate tended to have two ways of dealing with such stupidity - a frostiness that can shrivel genitalia to nothing OR ramping up her other-worldly beauty to a level where the male starts to disintegrate. There is some great, currently missing, footage of the latter taking place some years before this film, with a respected tv (w)anchor getting both barrels from Kate and almost vapourising ha ha

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The six hour Flaming Lips song from the Strobo Trip EP - "Found a Star on the Ground"

Apparently a lot of folk didn't know about this one. It's really really good...honestly. One of the best things they've put out in a long time. and here's the Strobo Trip with which it came-

The Cramps - hot news

Incoming from Vengeance Records-

Poison Ivy is currently working on their entire back catalog being reissued followed by a new album of unreleased recordings entitled Gravest Gravy, which is the entire Gravest Hits session. This material has never appeared on bootlegs and will blow minds. A four LP box of How To Make A Monster will follow that. And more will come thereafter. You've been warned..."

Rants of Chairman Tobo

there are a lot of lies being spread about the 'cost' of the welfare state. Please remember that 'the cost' includes the money that actually trickles down to the people who need it/medical care/education/dole, well YOU...and then there is the other IMMENSE cost of the beaurocracy who leech the bulk of the money. If I remember correctly 9 or 10 NHS trust beaurocrats built up pensions in excess of 1 million pounds in the last days of new labour, as did bbc people (yentob?), and I think some police beaurocrats did as well. Do you remember '10 managers for every 1 nurse'? disgraceful wasn't it? but blaming people in need of help for that seems...stupid?...really nasty and vicious?

Hang on £400 million to atos to throw disabled off benefits? Why don't we just EMPLOY the disabled using the £400 million, and use this new work force for something honest and decent and investigating ATOS with a view to prosecuting them all and fines to the tune of, say, all of the money they've been paid + a punitive element on top for discrimination against the disabled? Ha ha just a thought...

"Mums selling sex to feed their children as benefit cuts hit Hulls poorest" - Police and Social workers need to go out; find these ladies; and then make the DWP give them enough fucking money to feed their fucking families. What in gods name is going on here? Billions pissed away to save the bastards that have caused this, and pre-victorian horrors re-introduced by a traitor-government that virtually no-one voted for!

Kelly Stone - the rotten pig face of middle england middle class middle management

thailand provides an elephant with a false leg - england persecutes the mentally ill until they commit suicide...what a shithole

Purson - live in London


I posted their new Vid/single earlier this month so you know you're gonna want to attend this.
Ticket link (which probably won't work...)

The Lyres - Live in London

Incredible coup for Dirty Water Records. "Boston's Lyres are returning to Europe with their full Boston lineup for the first time in many years for only two gigs - London and Oslo. Garage Punk legend Jeff Conolly supported by original, brilliant drummer Paul Murphy, long-time Lyres guitarist Steve Aquino and Dave Szczepaniak on bass."

So where's the singer here hmmm

and this whole album is incredible

ticket link (I hope ;-))!/~/category/id=3225192&offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

Eastroad - August Tour and new EP

Excellent Pop-Punk band that I've seen a few times now and always put on a good show. Hard-grafting and top chaps to boot. They've just released an EP so go check it out. They are gigging London and South East this month - keep your eyes peeled. Oh yeah and their fans are a great laugh - they're always there to rock. I recall seeing them play to an 'urban audience innit' and create a bloody great moshpit! Marvelous stuff.
Right, links to the tuneage-


I'm astonished to hear that there are still some tickets left! Dates are- 19 Liverpool - The Blade Factory 20 Cork - Clonakilty Guitar Festival. West Cork (Ireland) 21 Dublin – The Grand Social (Ireland) 22 Limerick – Bourke’s (Ireland) 23 Glasgow - The 13th Note 24 Newcastle Upon Tyne - Think Tank 25 Hebden Bridge - Trades Club 26 Birmingham - The Flapper (w/ Dethscalator) 27 Bristol – Thekla 28 Brighton – The Green Door Store 29 London - Corsica Studios (w/ Patent Saint & Dethscalator)

33 Rose From The Abyss

33 Rose From The Abyss by Filthpig on Mixcloud

Two Hours of uber-leaden heaviosity from the always-reliable FilthPig - illuminati-hunter and DJ of all things Heavy, Industrial, and D'n'B! I can highly recommend all of his mixes (and they really are mixes - not computer created fakes) regardless of genre.

Gunslingers - 'Massacre-Rock Deviant Inquisitors'

Limited Edition one sided white vinyl 12" and DL Alchemical Freeform on Riot Season Records. A french garage-rock Amon Duul let rip for just under 17mins. First-take blasting by some premium quality scuzzers. Essence of original Texas Psych in there as well...

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Unmissable Gig

British Noise-Rock majesty - they have completely crushed reality and time during the two recent concerts I've witnessed.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wax Trax - The Documentary in production...can you help with material?

WaxTraxTrailer V1 from Cattivo on Vimeo.

”Regressive Films is super-psyched to be working on the Wax Trax! Records Documentary with Julia Nash. We have already conducted great interviews with Paul Barker (Ministry, RevCo), Chris Connelly (Ministry, RevCo), Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys (Front 242), En Esch (KMFDM), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, LARD), as well many of the store and label staff. We will be covering Wax Trax! owners/clairvoyants of cool, Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher’s early years in Kansas and Denver, to the opening of the legendary Chicago record store, the formation of the label, it’s success and eventual bankruptcy, and the lasting influence of Wax Trax! Records on the current music scene. If you have any film, video, photos, or stories you would like to contribute, please let us know. For now, check out the first trailer we’ve put together.”

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Played these guys in some of my earliest shows all those years ago. Delighted to see that they are still going.


Homemade controllers really push this set up a notch

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Friday, 9 August 2013


"Kim Fowley is dying and he has a message for you"!

Land of Kush - The Big Mango

Jazz, a loveletter to Cairo, via Senegal, Brazil and played by Canadians with a rock sensibility. It's no wonder that Sublime Frequencies' Alan Bishop likes this one. to be released by Constellation Records on 30th September 2013.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia 2013

Fantastic Autumn Festival looking set to steal a lot of thunder - just check out that line-up and the tickets are amazingly cheap!

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 8th August 2013

The Toby Mearing Radio Show 8th August 2013 (not broadcast/swearing) by Toby Mearing on Mixcloud

Humble Pie - Rockin the Filmore

All four shows complete from the Fillmore, mixed by Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley. Out on Omnivore Recordings in October 2013. This was originally a live double album from 1971 but now you get all of the four concerts in one box - phew!

Purson - The Contract (Official Video just posted)

At last! The new video of the new single

OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST 1977 Bearsville Picnic

A time capsule. It's the year after Punk exploded and here is the hopelessly out-of-touch OGWT, with it's dreadful interviews and AOR-bias, being mocked mercilessly by American soft rockers...BUT killer performances by Foghat, Corky Laing and a fabulous prog-extravaganza from Utopia save the day. Mick Ronson and, years ahead of his time Todd Rundgren, try and put some meat on the 'interview bones'!

TwoThirtyTwo are f*cking brilliant

I was hoping that Detroit'74 would be THE Aldershot band but, having seen this lot last week, with their new supercharged set, I have to say it's gonna be TwoThirtyTwo. I can't imagine how they are not gonna be huge. Recording new material now, but I've just noticed they'll be supporting Sky Larkin 28th September at The West End Centre in Aldershot - unmissable...especially if you are A&R or PR. And don't say I didn't warn you...

Kacey Musgraves - Merry Go 'Round

Love this single, and the album, and just noticed they're coming over to Europe this October.

Underground Supergroup - Mutation


Incoming on Ipecac 28th October, Mutation are something of a supergroup including (deep breath)...Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts) and Jon Poole (Cardiacs), with guest appearances from Mark E Smith (The Fall) and Merzbow!!!
Fascinating lineup. Can't wait to hear this one.

Upset The Rhythm's Yard Party

Upset the Rhythm do it again with a 3 dayer in Hackney next week!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

THE POINT - Harry Nilsson 1971

Nilsson's story and songs turned into a wonderful psychedelic animated film. I haven't seen this since I was a kid, and it's even better than I remembered. Possible influences on Pink Floyd and Monty Python as well. Reckon this might be by the team who animated The Phantom Tollbooth!


Purling Hiss - Paisley Montage LP (Richie Records)
Available October 29, 2013 WooHoo

Jesu 'Everyday I Get Closer To The Light' Album taster

Released September 23rd on Avalanche Records

CAVE "Threace" Album Commercial - released October 15, 2013.

featuring a beautiful hippie! 

'Analogue Vector Processing' apparently.

Mainliner - Mellow Out 2013 ltd edition Vinyl repress!


This Frontier Needs Heroes - Hooky (Kickstarter funded album) out 27th August 2013

This Frontier Needs Heroes - "Hooky" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Kubrick Moon by KingBathmat

"Overcoming The Monster" available on Stereohead Records.

Mueran Humanos 8/813 at SO36 Berlin

Monday, 5 August 2013

Mdou Moctar - "Tahoultine" 45rpm

An INCREDIBLE single - just wait for the vocs!

White Hills - 'So you you'll be' album released 19th August in Europe via Thrill Jockey + European Tour Dates

White Hills - In Your Room from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

WHITE HILLS EUROPEAN TOUR: Thu Sept 12th Groningen, Netherlands - Vera Fri Sept 13th Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso Upstairs Sat Sept 14th Nijmegen, Netherlands - Mereleyn Sun Sept 15th Utrecht, Netherlands - Ekko Mon Sept 16th Tilburg, Netherlands - 013 (Incubate Festival) Tue Sept 17th Aalborg, Denmark - 1000Fryd Wed Sept 18th Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen Thu Sept 19th Malmo, Sweden - Inkonst Fri Sept 20th Oslo, Norway - Revolver Club Sat Sept 21st Gothenburg, Sweden - Truckstop Alaska Wed Sept 25th Helsinki, Finland - Kuudes Linja Thu Sept 26th Jyvaskyla, Finland - Tanssisali Lutakko Fri Sept 27th Turku, Finland - Dynamo Sat Sept 28th Tallinn, Estonia - Von Krahl Theatre Bar Sun Sept 29th Riga, Latvia - Kanepes Kulturas centrs Mon Sept 30th Gdansk, Poland - Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art Tue Oct 1st Berlin, Germany - White Trash Fast Food Wed Oct 2nd Leipzig, Germany - UT Connewitz Thu Oct 3rd Vienna, Austria - Chelsea Club Fri Oct 4th Rijeka, Croatia - Club Palach Sat Oct 5th Bologna, Italy - Freak Out Club Sun Oct 6th Torino, Italy - Blah Blah Cinema Mon Oct 7th Milan, Italy - Lo Fi Club Tue Oct 8th Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik Ziegel oh Lac Wed Oct 9th Bern, Switzerland - Reitschule Rossli Bar Thu Oct 10th Karlsruhe, Germany - Alte Hackerei Fri Oct 11th Esslingen, Germany - Komma Sat Oct 12th Siegen, Germany - Vortex Club Sun Oct 13th Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang Mon Oct 14th Cologne, Germany - Sonic Ballroom Tue Oct 15th Paris, France - Pointe Ephreme Wed Oct 16th Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun Thu Oct 17th Hasselt, Belgium - Muziekodroom Fri Oct 18th Charleroi, Belgium - L'Eden Mon Oct 21st Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute Tue Oct 22nd London, UK - The Borderline

BL'AST - BLOOD album to be released in UK/EU on September 2nd on Southern Lord


Lost recording session from the 5 piece version of the band with Will Duval (current vocs for Alice In Chains)!
Dave Grohl has completely remastered/mixed the tapes at his famed 606 Studios, on the legendary Neve console as featured in the recent Grohl-produced documentary Sound City.
Check out this taster track-