Thursday, 5 November 2015

Joanna Newsom - Divers

This is a sensational return to form. I'm up & down with Joanna (listeners to the Radio Show may recall my getting completely lost in the 3 disc 'Have One On Me' release - in a good way), and this is def an UP. Perfect 'recording' from Albini and a BEAUTIFUL vid from Paul Thomas Anderson. Yep, she's pulled out the big guns for this one.
This is the title track from the new album which is out now on Drag City.
Tour dates for USA & Australia (+ anything else you might need) are here-

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Maya Art (Vera Bremerton) - What Happened?

Actually, just while I am posting about these two, here is a film by Maya, with soundtrack by Vera (who is also clearly in the film)
Great isn't it?

Vera Bremerton - In The Dark Synapses + gig + albums

Vera Bremerton is pretty much impossible to write about save to say that she will do anything to try and make you feel
Brilliant video from Maya Art as well.
One live event (although she plays events in London regularly)
and at last you can all hear and buy her music at Bandcamp. Keep an eye out for the piece entitled 'Then All These Curses' - still the most astonishing music I have played in the Radio Shows (it's on 'Elemental').

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats 2015

Well it's been two years since I posted about the Beatles from Hell Cambridgeshire! Drugs, exploitation, bikes, horror, cult films, vintage beauties are all present and correct, as is their secret weapon - SONGS!
Anyway the new album - The Night Creeper - has been out for two months on Rise Above Records ffs! And, they've been on the road for 2 months as well -
then they're off here
and later they're going here
Right, just time for this classic from last year
Oh and check out their web site - a brilliant design

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sycamore Age

I've played this band's music in the radio shows but didn't realise what a wonderful video artist Stefano is. This is beautiful (and so is the sentiment). Stick with it - doesn't go where you quite expect...
Bravo Stefano Santoni.
Now look at what their music does to other directors. This starts with Jodorowsky occult/catholic flirtations, but once the illuminati chicken boat-plane arrives all bets are off...
Erika Errante B directed that one!
The current album is 'Perfect Laughter' (via the Woodworm & Santeria labels)
Yep individually painted
Last few dates of their current mini-tour (sorry these three lines will NOT fit in damnit) -
04/11/2015 Nantes-the workshop of bitche
05/11/2015 Rouen-the 3 pieces06/11/2015 Tournai-water moulin

With The Dead - Crown of Burning Stars (OFFICIAL PROMO) + album + live debut

We love DOOM at Toby Towers. Greening & Bagshaw ARE DOOM. They were the groovers in mark 1 Electric Wizard, and then created the ultimate dread of Ramesses. So we're delighted to see them back together again in this supergroup - get ready for a thorough drubbing...
That's better. 
The self-titled debut album is out now on Rise Above Records. Check out the Ltd Edition vinyl...
 and they'll be playing their first live date at Roadburn next year (Lee is curating)