Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sycamore Age

I've played this band's music in the radio shows but didn't realise what a wonderful video artist Stefano is. This is beautiful (and so is the sentiment). Stick with it - doesn't go where you quite expect...
Bravo Stefano Santoni.
Now look at what their music does to other directors. This starts with Jodorowsky occult/catholic flirtations, but once the illuminati chicken boat-plane arrives all bets are off...
Erika Errante B directed that one!
The current album is 'Perfect Laughter' (via the Woodworm & Santeria labels)
Yep individually painted
Last few dates of their current mini-tour (sorry these three lines will NOT fit in damnit) -
04/11/2015 Nantes-the workshop of bitche
05/11/2015 Rouen-the 3 pieces06/11/2015 Tournai-water moulin

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